Weekly News Recap 2

Old Atlas Bonus:1% cumulative bonus to map drop rate per map completed (up to 123~125%). Overall map drops reduced by 33% to compensate at lower levels.

There have been three uniques released that I know of so far. They are Slivertongue, Kitavas Thirst, and Brass Dome. Find the links in the Sources section. All of them seem like the perfect uniques to me. The can be build-defining but they arent the end of all ends. Each of them stands out in their own right and I would love to use them all. GGG has also released four new divination cards. The most interesting of all of them is the one that awards the Eyes of the Greatwolf Greatwolf Talisman as it does reward a league specific item which is quite powerful. The link to the divination cards is in the sources part of this post.

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I will not discuss information in this video as that would be boring for you guys, but I do want to link the spreadsheet for you guys. It seems pretty useful to me and I think some of you guys would like to have an image of it.

Additionally, if you still do not know, Essence Metamodding is not possible.

Two Uber Lab farming builds for Path of Exile 3.0

Atlas of Worlds: Shapers Orbs

Atlas of Worlds:You have 30% increased curse effectiveness. A boss has 20%Lesscurse effectiveness. That would put your curse effectiveness at 104% ([100+30] x .8).

Path of Exile Video Guide to Affixes

An interesting thing to take away is the inability to acquire specific essences without using vaal orbs or vendor trading. All in all, Essences seem pretty balanced to me. People may complain they arent exciting but PoE should be innately a hard game. You get in what you put out. I, like many others, have not been a fan of the leagues this year. In my opinion, they were too rewarding. I understand this may spark some negative comments, but this is how I feel. I understand if you feel differently. After all, why play if theres no reward.

Hey guys. This is the second weekly news recap I have done. If it has been less than a week I apologize but there has been so much new information to talk about! Lets start from what was revealed most recently and work our way backwards. All the sources will be listed at the end of the article.

Path of Exile 2.4 Patch Notes Overview

GGG has released quite a lot of information about this. Most importantly, they have decided to change the cumulative atlas bonus.

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First of all, there are some patch notes that were revealed a couple minutes ago. The patch notes add some flask rewards to questing. This probably wont affect the endgame much but it may make leveling a bit easier.

Now lets get to the juicy information. Essence league has had a lot of information spilled about it. First of all, ZiggyD released a useful video that I would recommend you guys watch.

GGG released the list of challenges recently as well. Nothing is too surprising. Some interesting challenges include killing the shaper, using sextants, and using shapers orbs. You can find the full list in the sources part of the article.

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New Atlas Bonus:1% chance for a map drop to upgrade by a tier per map completed (up to 123~125%). Higher than 100% means it can go up a second tier. Capped at maximum level that could drop from that monster (same as before). There is no reduction to map drop rates.

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If you do not understand the difference, look at the bold words: Less and Reduced. Less applies after the increased and reduced damage values apply. I would call it a different level of buffs/debuffs. I would assume bosses usually have more than 20% reduced curse effectiveness as well.

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This is quite a substantial nerf to curses but I think GGG made the right decisions. Curses are still very powerful and will be exactly the same against regular mobs.

Secondly, theres something much more important. Bosses that had a reduced effect of curses on them now have a multiplier rather than a reduction. (Over time, more and more curse effect has been made available to players. With the boss curse effect reduction being additive, the increased curse effect available to players overwhelmed it. Temporal Chains and Enfeeble arguably still trivialise most bosses.) was posted by Chris himself on Reddit earlier. This makes boss curse effectiveness reduction multiplicative. Let me give everyone an example.

Current:You have 30% increased curse effectiveness. A boss has 20%reducedcurse effectiveness. That would put your curse effectiveness at 110% (100%+30%-20%).

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I really like this change as before, it seemed possible to game the system by unlocked only maps such as Plateaus and Gorges. This allows your map pool to grow in size and tier easier which has been a thing people have been complaining about. It may still be worthwhile and try to unlock specific maps, we just dont know.

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