Where are all the Divination Cards?

Its something that merit more experimentation with a heavy rarity based character vs none.Last edited by YohSL on Jul 15, 2015 7:44:11 AM

The most useful is The Scholar anyway 🙂

Ill try on Merciless today and see if the drop rate is any better.

Spent about 8-9 hours, and got 2 more Incarnation cards, and about half a dozen Hermit cards and about a dozen Carrion Crow cards.

As for other cards not found anything before or since and I have not hit Merci.

I found that I was definitely getting fewer card drops (as well as jewels among everything else), but it seemed that Incarnation cards were more likely to drop.

So clearly some are rarer then others.

For example if you wanna farm Atziri pieces you go the Aqueducts, bonus if you get enough cards for Tabula (or Carrion Crow… screw that card)1K Pretzel Eating Team.

I found only one The Incarnation card.

You can farm certain cards sure but imo they are more of an extra on top of what you are doing

And this was with 105% rarity and 15% quantity.

Like they were less of a rare drop and more of an uncommon one, but that may have just been chance.

And somewhere in the neighborhood of about 20 The Carrion Crow card.

I think the drop rate may need tweaking – I got 2 The Scholar during my quest run through Library on normal (15mins) – spent about 3 hours now farming it in cruel/normal for a third card and nothing.

Jack in the box also drops a lot (and its fun to turn in for a while), just do some Sarn runs.

As well as a bunch of jewels and the like.

The Gambler drops plenty too, in maps.No one expects the Spanish Incursion

But really I think they are neat, Im just not letting myself care about them. Even when people turn them in, what I have seen them get back has been crap 9 out of 10 times. So I try to just think of it like a collecting game.

Update 1: Well, I had a fair bit more luck today in Merciless difficulty.

Although it is worth noting that not only am I clearing slower due to the difficulty, but I also didnt have the increased rarity and quantity, as I need the resists and stats.

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