Divination Card


Were currently in the sixth week of the Incursion League, which is about half way. Now is a good time to check in with our statistics from the past week and see what we can learn. This time were looking at the areas people are playing and trying to identify the most deadly parts of Wraeclast!

Top Areas By Number of InstancesThe following list enumerates the top ten areas that have been entered the most during the past week of the Incursion League. Were very happy to see that so many players are engaging with the league and entering the Temple of Atzoatl. Were guessing that if it were to also drop The Doctor Divination card it would surpass the Burial Chambers in popularity. The Blood Aqueduct is also more popular than it has been in the past, in part due to Divination Card farming, and because its layout is so efficient for Incursions.

Average Deaths Per InstanceThe following lists the average number of deaths occurring in each instance across both Standard and Hardcore versions of Incursion in the past week. Note that players dying more than once can really increase these numbers.

Raw Number of Deaths per AreaThese areas are where players are dying the most in both Standard and Hardcore variants of Incursion in the past week. The top two reflect where players are spending the most time, which makes sense. The others appear to be areas that have quite deadly bosses.

Average Deaths Per Instance (Hardcore Only)Naturally, the deaths in Hardcore only are a lot lower than between all league versions, however it looks like The Hall of Grandmasters and the Vaal Temple are popular places to end your hardcore characters adventures.

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