31 needs to fix endgame farming div cards and bosses

In 3.1, we need to introduce a new way to farm the endgame so that 90% of the economy isnt locked around Headhunter and exalt divination cards. There are only so many Spider Forests people are going to be willing to run; people will DEFINITELY get burned out chasing Headhunter eventually. They have to do this for the health of the game.

For those who are curious about the game or DLC, recently purchased the game, or havent played since launch

Filtration 0.16 Released (3.1 support included)

Im going to try this in 3.2, unless the…

I would personally like to see divination cards have some method of farming to them that does not involve running the same zone over and over again, either. Maybe a prophecy-like system that says, If you kill Brutus he will drop a The Mask divination card. I wont speculate how it should be done, but the current system is very broken even IF GGG fixes monster density on red maps (which they absolutely should) and improves divination card spread on maps (which they should, its ridiculous how Vault is just way better of a map because of its divination cards vs all other natural T12+s).

Some thing I wrote I wrote when my Empire was locked away. Tian Confederation became Tian Enclave.

Divination cards broke this mold to introduce a deterministic farming method, which I felt like was a good idea, but right now just a couple divination cards are determining 90% of where and how people farm.

Greengrooves Loot Filter Scripts 3.1.0 Update

[LOOTFILTER] NeverSinks itemfilter version 5.4 Abyss League Hype. FilterBlade adjustments, Shaper/Elder items.

For those who are curious about the game or DLC, recently purchased the game, or havent played since launch

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Please GGG, 3.1 needs to be a fix for the endgame like Atlas of Worlds was. It needs to make farming fresh for the next year. I hope its not something as simple as introducing a new tier of maps with new boss content; the old content needs a reworking. Sextant blocking mechanics right now greatly favor specific maps over others and that too needs to be looked at. Maybe not all maps should be created equal, but the current imbalance is very punishing. Like, I want to turn in Jack in the Box cards for fun, but my only avenue is to farm Arsenal maps (yuck) that also have a huge plethora of potential div card drops that I dont want. I also wont get enough Arsenal maps on my fully completed Atlas to run them over and over again Id have to uncomplete so many maps in order to get them to drop more consistently. And then, what if I want to change my strategy a week later and farm something else? Now I have a huge chore awaiting me of unlocking certain maps, reshaping some, and uncompleting others.

skimmed through it and it feels very much incomplete,…

Right now chase uniques and currency are the most reliable returns on mapping. Obviously, you cant run spider forest x1000 times if youre trying to get some GG rare amulet you have to gather up the currency and buy/craft something like that, yourself (wouldnt it be nice if that werent the case).

I vividly remember Chris saying at the end of closed beta that for POEs endgame they DO NOT want people to feel like they have to farm the same zone over and over again. Thats why most uniques arent zone-specific.

I have killed over 1337 bosses this league and I do not remember a single kill being impactful in terms of rewards. Youre lucky if they even drop a good rare base. Even with +150% item quantity on them, they drop very little. I would like to see more guaranteed returns from bosses, especially if theyre intended to be difficult and time-consuming to kill. The Guardians at least have uniques specific to them that can drop that you might be interested in using. Im not sure why there shouldnt be a specific divination card associated to each endgame boss that has a higher than usual chance to drop, rewarding farming them (this solution has the same problem as div cards being tied to zones, of course).

For those who are curious about the game or DLC, recently purchased the game, or havent played since launch

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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III(25)

The Atlas lets you shape it to your desires, but because shaping the atlas is costly, it locks you into a particular way of playing for most of a given league. Its current design also punishes you for wanting to have variety in your play min/maxing the atlas is not fun, but its technically the best way to play, because it guarantees only the best maps will drop.

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