32] LL RF Scorching Ray Guardian 15K ES 60k Armour 15 mil dps Uber Elder DEATHLESS

im lvl 94, got all the important nodes,Ele overlord, Equilibrium, thats not the sneaky ones missing

1. Prisme Guardian aura setup : Determination must be in this slot. Its the only gem we cant move because of the 50% reservation of this gem. The 2 other slot are open for any 35% reservation auras. In most case, we suggest to set up Purity of Fire for the +2 Aura buff. But while you have a +2 Aura corruption on Shapers Touch, you can put any 35% reservation here.

I would love to see a play of LL RF in-8 max resistMap or Temple. 🙂

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– Presence of Chayula is a must have for anti-stun, high chaos res, and the ES buff.

If you check carfully the Calcs sheet, on the line Total increased, you will see you only have 352% inc dmg while zzang have 384%. To understand clearly how RF buff works, I would sugest to looks extremly carfully all the buff that appears when you point the Total increased line.

All the mecanics of the Alluring Abyss are the same as Apex of Sacrifice. So you should train in Apex in order to learn the fight mecanics.

We were hardly destroyed by the first boss in Uber Atziri 🙁

He check marked many temporary buff in order to showcase the highest stats. This was done in order to makes the build looks more competitive in front of many other guides.

Thanks , i was afraid i was gonna need to make my own video with my not that great PC rig haha.

– He have more Str/Intel than you (Str = dmg with Doon and Intel = ES = RF dmg) ;

– Your Scorching Ray setup isnt good. Here is the right gems setup you should folow with the importance order : Scorching Ray – Burning Damage = Elemental Focus – Efficacy – Controled Destruction – Swift Afflication.

– Your Flasks can be reworked. You need some specifics mods. Most of them should have extra duration as a core prefixe. For the suffixe you should have this in your setup :

Vs Chayula,there is 2 big problems :

Completed Uul-Netols Breachstone with friends, with +40s remaining, do you know if we could do

my main question, if anyone would please answer:

So, he is wrong lolz……………….. i use THE OVERFLOWING CHALICE : 1. is badass reminds me of Dark SOuls 3 -Kingdom Comes trailer, the chalice in it ye?:3

Also, it cant do maps with- maximum resists!

First of all , there are only 2 maps mods that are bad. No Regen is a no-no map mod. Less Recovery is reaaaaally annoying to deal with but possible with great gear. Thats it.

So what do you spice girls think about BLIGHTWELL ? 😀

If you uncheck all those bullshit buff and only looks raw dps then zzang is siting on 247k RF dps, while you have 232k RF dps.

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1. You will need to kill fast enought the rare mobs if you dont want tu run out of time. It works barely like Incursion. Trash mobs does not provide enought time so you will have to aim for rare mobs if you dont want to run out of time.

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– Aura gems does not need quality. Quality only buff the area of effect of the aura. But you will gain absolutly no benefit from having 20% quality on it. They will be longer to level up, so you will lose some time and some try for geting some lvl 21 aura with your switch.

If the base sucks, its not a problem. Buy many rings like this and try to hit the new corruptions. There is a bunch that are extremly powerfull. The most interesting imo is obviously : Bleeding cannot be inflicted on you. This corruption alow us to skip Death Door and then use Sin Trek or a rare 190+ES / high Intel boots.

I can farm the uber lab, and Atziri without any issue. Completed only the hydra twice, looking for the other guardians asap but should be douable.

3. Rare jewels for rest of the jewels socks with the folowing stats : %ES/%Burning and with one extra dmg mods (%inc dmg or %fire dmg or %DOT). Jewels like this should cost around 50c.

old vod, but it should do the trick.

Additionally, it cant do Incursion Templewith corruption room(- maximum resists), which is one of the most desired.

what the heck can i change so i get more energy shield /dmg??

Brothers and sisters, do u like new temple corruption for gloves like

– RF dmg scall on your max ES/life. The higher ES/life you have, the higher your RF dps will be ;

1. At least 1 Sulfure Flask. Personnaly I put my Anti-Freeze on it ;

my real damage is 268k for RF in PoB

But if you know the fight, its not realy a hard fight at all. The most important thing to keep in mind is : dodge every of his special attacks. This should be a rule for every end game fight. Even if we can tank most of hit from end game content, manual dodge is the best source of survivability.

Anyways , video clearly shows you that min-max is not that big of a problem. 🙂

and fill in the remaining 5ish levels im missingi never get higher than 320k ish,

5. Orb of storm setup. In order to proc EO and EE. You have to link it with Arcane Surge for general more spell buff, and with Inc Crit strike for higher crit chance in order to inc the EO proc rate. The 4th link should be for Clarity.

At the same time, I would highly suggest some flask type :

And you should do the same for Scorching Ray.

2. Shapers Touch aura setup. The second aura setup must be in this item at the moment we hit a corruption that will buff our aura (+1 level gems socketed or +2 aura gems socketed). Here we just put 3 other 35% reservation aura, and an Enlighten. The level of Enlighten depend on your tree and the aura buff/mana reserved reduction you have. But generaly whe aim for a lvl 4 (so lvl 3 with +1 or raw 4), but some configuration can works well with a lvl 2, or even with a lvl 1.

id honestly really like some help here, it seems like a small thing, thats buffing his damage by well, a flat 40% to his ENTIRE damage, above mine (if i had all his gear, even from copying the stats im missing)

ishow the bloody hell does he get 529k damage on RF

For your questions about end game content :

i bricked 1 good ring btw 🙁 with vaal,now i got these lol

4. One situational flask : Quicksilver for general maping. Saphire for specific boss like Shaper or Elder. Amethyst for specific boss like Chayuka or shit like this.

[3.2] LL RF Scorching Ray Guardian 15K ES 60k Armour 1.5 mil dps Uber Elder DEATHLESS

TLDR;320k damage if i copy all his gear/stats, he has 529k, missing 200k damage,Halpstrangers,Halp.-send halp.

i had this on a occultist essencedrain&contagion witch but still similar ES 9-10 thousand with doon cuebyari and shaped belt,>

– Sell your Discipline gem for a Vaal Discipline lvl 20. Vaal Discipline increase our survivability, and we dont need to sacrifice any gem slot for it. Do not miss this.

ALSO i wanna replce my number 5 flask with either ARMOR +Bleed immune rare hmm

For U.Atziri, you should be able to tank most of her hit even his little Flamblast. The only thing you have to avoid at all cost is her dual flamblast that will OS everything. But when you know the mecanics, its an easy fight. You just need to have enought dps to kill the zombie she will invoc while she do her booty shake dance, in order to not let her regen life.

I dont know how to progress now, or what step I should do to go deeper in the end-game content.

– Your ring arent good enought to justify the base choice. Aim for 40+str/40+ES/60+Mana/Intel as core search critera. On one add something like 40+dex (maybe more), on the other look for a flat cold/light dmg to attacks mods or a free prefixe in order to craft it.

? I know there is even better option with +2 aura lvl nad 8% max energy shield, but i couldnt get em so far

Please could you help me to improve my character ?

Please could you help me to improve my character ?

2. One Healthy Mind : 20% if possible. And placed in the jewel sock in the Witch area (just like you did) ;

2. 1 or 2 Ruby Flask. One should have Anti-Bleed (except if you have Death Door or the ring corruption).

Completed Uul-Netols Breachstone with friends, with +40s remaining, do you know if we could do

This is the closest thing to a life flask you will ever have. Get the highest duration you can find and you will love it. You could also just as easily roll/buy a magic one with increased duration and another mod you like on there. I choose to use this because its so common, the duration of 6.70 seconds is longer than a magic Sulphur, and you still get 3 uses out of it.

All of this should make you feel more confident in your character.

– He have way more %inc dmg from ring/jewels than you.

Here is my gear I have ready. I am still leveling gems and trying to 21/20 them but will be done before playing this guy. Havent started leveling yet but when I reach 85 ish and I respec the tree what tree do you recommend with my gear.

I would love to see a play of LL RF in-8 max resistMap or Temple. 🙂

We were hardly destroyed by the first boss in Uber Atziri 🙁

1. Anti Freeze. This is the most important one. Freeze & Chill are certainly the most anoying and ripy thing for this build ;

Thats my second char, and first lvl90+, so any tips is appreciated.

– He have some legacy stuff (Witchfire Brew for example) ;

I would love to see a play of LL RF in

2. Anti Bleed. If you dont have Death Door or the right corruption on your ring, this is also a must have, as important as the anti-freeze one. This fuck up your regen so it can be extremly dangerous especialy in map with Vulnerability curse (or in lab with Fonte) ;

Basic tree or uber elder deathless setup. Want to farm end game content and get all challenges done. Never had a character this expensive before so I am very excitedDomination IGN: RangerThrow

– You need a lvl 21 Purity of Fire. This should improve a lot your life regen. And we never have enought life regen.

– Unless you have an anti-bleed corruption ring, you must have a pair of Death Door in stock (you switch for Vulnerability maps);

Here is a quick gems sorte by importance :

forgot Presence of chayula i got that too>

Can afford another 20-25 exa worth of gear if needed. This is HC Inc

,my armour now 46 thousand,…i had like 48k before but i bricked 1 good ring lol trying to get the vaal bleed thing , WHAT Boots Rare /Unique best for energy shield?hmm is rare best?a guy chose Sin Trek in a pastebin he made few pages ago hmm

3&4. RF & SR setups. Here you have to put one setup in your 6L. And the second in a 4L. Note, If you dont put SR in your 6L, you should put in Doon. Iron Will will work as a lvl 30 4th link and should be more powerfull. Note this season we can put RF in 6L in order to have a better clear speed. Its relevant for incursion. In case you want to play a 6L RF links should be this (in order of importance) : RF – Burning Damage – Elemental Focus – Conc Effect / Inc AOE – Arcane Surge – Swift Afflication. Arcane Surge transforme RF in a duration spell and make Swift Afflication works weel.

zzang in this configuration have a 529k dps in RF while you have 400k. This difference in dps can be explain in many ways :

6. Shield Charge setup. This should be in a 3 Link. Generaly in Doon/Brightbeak. But you can put it in a 4L like zzang if you play SR in Doon, or if you miss flat light/cold dmg to attacks on rings. Culling Strike is also an option if you have cold/light flat on ring. The links should be Shield Charge – Faster Attack – Fortify – Added Cold/Lightning dmg or Culling Strike.

But honestly most of buff he check marked can be consider as bullshit buff because they are temporary and cant be active all at the same time (or only for 3-4 sec only).

btw Dark Souls III – Kingdom Falls Trailer, for the awesome>

I can farm the uber lab, and Atziri without any issue. Completed only the hydra twice, looking for the other guardians asap but should be douable.

OR What u guys think so i replace Divination Distillate (i thought the ++Max resistances stack with ruby one/others but no stack lol ) , i get Rumis Concoction / what ?

– The Vessel of Vaal in Alluring Abyss can be a difficult fight even for a well geared character. His hit are extremly powerfull. His slam can OS even a build with 60k armor and 15k ES. You should always dodge his slam. He use ball lightning that will deliver an extremly high amount of little hit that can open you in two, especialy if you dont have extremly high light max res. And his lazer beam hit extremly hard too. He use it in series and because of this he can kill you in 2-3 beam, maybe less.

– Your jewels arent so good. And some are not placed in the good spot. You should aim for 3 types of jewels :

– Your Shavronne is only a 4L. You wont be able to prorgess and soon or later face a wall in your progression without a 6L. This should be your top priority objective. Do not buy anything before you get a 6L ;

Guys , if you invest enough levels/scaling into the build, min/max res mods are no problem at all.

First, dont be tricked by zzang PoB.

old vod, but it should do the trick.

– zzang have 2k more ES than you. Its basicaly 15% more ES than you have ;

So ive been enjoying this build on and off, its not as powerful as i thought itd be, i feel ive copied most of the items with a few niche points such as 25% ele rings which simply dont existon the market even if you have the money to save up.

2. The fight against Chayula himself. Here you will absolutly need a high chaos res. So Presence of Chayula is absolutly mandatory. Ming Hearth can be taken in order to get more chaos res. You should watch some videos of the fight in order to understand every skill of the boss, how they works, and how to dodge them.Last edited by LAGROSSESIMONE on Jul 5, 2018 4:21:50 PM

2. it has better stats because Sorrow of the Divine gives us zealoths oath which we already have lol….

1. Watchers Eye : preferably with %ES gain on Mana reserved with Clarity. But a ES recovery rate on Discipline is good enought ;

It is good for Standard, but for Incursion league is weak.

3. 1 or 2 other anti-statut aliments flask : Anti-Curse is what I would suggest, but you can go for Anti-Shock or Anti-Poison.

Thats my second char, and first lvl90+, so any tips is appreciated.

– He only have 21/20 or at least 20/20 gems while yours miss many quality on it ;

Hell , if i turn OFF my Purity of Fire i am NOT even degening anymore. So yea. Less Recovery/No Regen are the only 2 mods that are bad/annoying for this build.

The Trio deal realy high dmg, and the cycloner (Qura) deal some chaos dmg if Im not wrong. So this fight is certainly the most tricky for this build. Honestly its hard to dodge most of the hit you can get from the trio. So this part is were most rip occure for most player.

– The 4L gems setup in your chest is just a big WTF bro. Remove it.

I dont know how to progress now, or what step I should do to go deeper in the end-game content.

is there a way of enabling ele equilibrium in PoB? visually? when you click the skill it doesnt visually buff your damage, but then its just a debuff so technically it doesnt raise your damage so it shouldnt be it.

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