8 Great all-around Starting Builds PoE 33 Incursion

7. Righteous Fire is the end-game king in 3.2 when it comes to all-around gameplay. Mapping, Eternal Lab, Uber Atziri, Guardians and Shaper; this is the build of choice by some of the most experienced players. While Juggernaut is the most popular ascendancy, the top players to reach 100 in HC and SSF used an Occultist variation of Righteous Fire but this play style requires crazy flask management and is only for those most experienced with PoE.

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For clarity, this list is not created solely based on the top 100 builds from poe-racing; its based on many additional factors including player support/recommendations, end-game viability, overall fun, and personal experience. Here we go!

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4. Ancestral Warchief is also considered one of the best league starting builds since it has minimal gear requirements, scales well, and allows for easy farming of the Lab. Its excellent at killing bosses, but isnt very quick at mapping. The Facebreaker Variation is considered one of the strongest, but requires the Facebreaker unique gloves; however these are usually very easy to acquire within the first day or two of a league.

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1. While I love skeletons, there no question Spectres are still exceptional for completing all content in the game. While players are jumping on Melee Skeletons because theyre new, Spectres will always be a solid choice. The Zombiemancer is also a lot of fun, just not as quick as the Melee Skeleton build for map clearing, but the Zombies pack a whallop against bosses!

3. With the recent ascendancy changes to Hierophant, Spell Totems are more powerful than ever. The most popular are Glacial Cascade totems followed by Frostbolt. GC totems handle bosses very well but dont clear maps as quickly as Frostbolt. Freezing Pulse totems are perfectly viable as well, and with the upcoming buff to FP, they will be even more viable in 3.3. Milkys Righteous Fire Totems are also very powerful and fun for those who like totem builds.

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5. Essence Drain is still going strong and is one of the best league starters around; it also does a very good job of clearing maps, but requires substantial investment to complete Guardians and Shaper.

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2. Melee Skeletons are decimating end-game and a blast to play with the Ascendancy changes in 3.2. My personal opinion is they are more fun than Spectres because the player doesnt have to wait for them to move around and catch up, and they can be cast in strategic locations. Put them in the middle of a blue group and watch the entire group explode in one shot. Cast twice around a boss and watch it melt. Melee skeletons are the most fun Ive had this league and the mapping speed is quite good. Boss killing? Id rate it a 9 out of 10, and the build runs Eternal Lab with ease.

8. Sunder still holds the top spot for softcore and hardcore all around gameplay. Sunder is also one of the most beginner friendly builds in PoE. The most popular Sunder builds are Gladiator and Champion, but it can be played as Slayer and Juggernaut as well.

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6. Molten Strike with leech is crazy powerful and one of the best all-around builds available in PoE able to do all content. I actually completed the storyline and got to mapping faster with this build than any other. While the clear speed isnt top tier, the boss melting and survivability is top notch. Plus its just fun to watch everything melt while sucking your victims life away. There is also a SwordnBoard Juggernaut variation thats built to farm all game content.

The upcoming Path of Exile Incursion League continues the exceptional pattern of content and gameplay growth of what has become one of the best ARPGs ever made. Even though 3.3 is going to include substantial skill changes, now that the 3.2 Bestiary Ascendancy changes have taken root, players can plan starting builds that we know will be perfectly viable in 3.3 based on their performance in 3.2.

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