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The Ascendant (AC) in the ZodiacHere are short descriptions of how each Zodiac sign influences the Ascendant, the first impression of yourself that you intentionally give others, when thats where it is in your natal chart.

So, the Ascendant is not a heavenly body at all, but in astrology its function and meaning is quite comparable to the planets. It moves much faster, though. It passes through the whole Zodiac in 24 hours. Therefore it is important to know the exact birth time, in order to establish the correct position for the Ascendant.

Aquariusbrings an attitude of sincerity and thoughtfulness.

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Cancerbrings a pleasant way of behaving, with no fear of intimacy.

Ascendant in the Complete HoroscopeThe Key to Appearance in Classical Astrology

Librabrings a diplomatic appearance, keen on not being misunderstood.

Piscesbrings an attitude of humility and uncertainty.

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But the Ascendant is the role you play, and the way you prefer others to perceive you.

Capricornbrings an attitude of authority, demanding the respect of others.

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Virgobrings a critical and demanding attitude, that might put others off.

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Taurusbrings neutral behavior towards others, and an everyday appearance.

Scorpiobrings a secretive, intriguing attitude.

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The Ascendant (AC) is also called the Rising sign. Its the point on the Zodiac that is exactly at the east horizon in the horoscope. Its counterpart is the Descendant, at the west horizon.

Sagittariusbrings an unattached appearance that many find fascinating.

Geminibrings eloquence and a sense of humor appreciated by all, although regarded as superficial.

Ariesbrings some rudeness, and obvious impatience.

The Ascendant is the cusp of the 1st House, i.e. its starting point. Whereas the Ascendant is the image of yourself that you project, the rest of the 1st House shows how others perceive you as they get to know you.

Leobrings an impressive appearance and the admiration of others.

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In the horoscope the Ascendant shows how you want to present yourself to others, the impression of yourself that you consciously strive to project. So, it is the first impression others get of you.

KeywordsHere are the twelve Zodiac signs, and keywords for the character they give to the Ascendant, i.e. the first impression of yourself that you intentionally give others:

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