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Purity of Elementsused to give 5% max resists (1.0.1) compared to 0%, and all 3 Purity of X didnt exist until this was nerfed.

There is a shield that raises max ele resist, and the purity gems can as well. Im sure taking a look through the wiki may also provide further answers under the section containing elemental resist information.

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All the information is there on the wiki. You can get 4% from Saffell, and up to 8.X% from each purity aura if you invest in nodes that buff aura effects, and you can run all three auras if your build is setup for it. Thats if you want to get>

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Purity of elementsgives no extra max resist

But theres no real way of increasing them to a permanent 85% percent, they all have problems:

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The auras each only increase max resist of one type by 5%.

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Saffells Flameused to give 5% max resists (1.1) compared to 4%

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I dont know how recent whatever video youre looking at, but afaik Kripp only really played in beta. Looking at the history of skills and items, note that:

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85% permanentlytoday.

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So I suppose he would have had to invest less in the tree to reach 85% than you would have now.

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Is this something that has been changed recently?

Max resists are nerfed even further in awakening since there is no inner force cluster anymore. This means auras cant buff as much as they used too.

But I cant find any real ways of increasing my max resists.

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On theresistancespage says indeed that there are ways to increase max resistances.

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Divination DistillateIncreases all max resist by 6%, but only for 5 seconds

Barbarism only increases max fire resist by 1% and potions only increase max resist temporarily.

Saffells FrameIncrease all max resist by 4%, but does not block normal attacks

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I saw a video from Kripparrian where he has a build with 85% max all resist.

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He probably used Saffells Flame and Purity of Elements, which no longer increases max resist. Thanks.

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