Unlimited Flask Effect Script

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All this does is alternate between using your flasks in the 3rd, 4th and 5th slot every few seconds. This isnt for HP/MP flasks, this is for things like Divination Distillate/Granite/Diamond/Quicksilver flasks. If you kill things fast enough then you can keep the effect up pretty much 100% of the time, except for when you hit a dead end or get stuck in a loop for a bit. If you want to change the seconds between each flasks usage or add in more slots you can do so easily if you have autohotkey.

Firstly, there is no hotkey to pause it, I would like to do that but I cant seem to get that to work without it breaking the loop for some reason. If you want to pause or end the script you will have to do so via right-clicking the icon in your start bar located in the bottom right. Im not good with AHK, or scripting and this could probably be done a lot better if anyone wanted to help improve upon it. But I feel this has been helping me considerably recently so I thought to share it anyway until advanced flask techniques are added into the bot officially.

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If your character never needs to use HP or MP flasks then I think you should consider trying this.

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I currently dont have any distillates but once I get my paws on some I will try having one script running 3 of those on 1-3 and another running 2 quicksilvers on 4&5, I think this will be the most beneficial set up for use with this bot.

inUsers script for POE and/or Exiled Bot

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