Divination distillate NOT WORKING (Clarified

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The flask will turn off randomly all the time. Half the time I will hit the flask and the icon for its effect wont even show up. I checked the Misc. tab and whenever the icon for the effect isnt showing in the corner my IIR/IIQ does not change, so in short no icon in the corner, no flask effect is happening.

Ive tried on my spectral thrower and my sporker same thing happens on both chars. Nothing in particular seems to trigger the flask failing. Sometimes it works for the full duration, sometimes it works for just a sec or two, and sometimes it doesnt work at all.

Divination distillate NOT WORKING (Clarified)

I beg to differ. Flask spots are a high priority for most chars I make. With more and more flasks coming out I can only see this competition getting more fierce. As this flask is now, its hardly worth the price it sells for.

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So I bought the flask the other day, and even after the patch that fixed flask effects not working, divination Distillate still is not working properly.

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no it wont be changed, if it was they would need to nerf it so severely as there would be people chain using it

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