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Thank you to all our brothers & sisters who have served in our military! May the Goddess bless You & Your Every Day of Your Life! Thankyou!

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Onc cup lavender water, lavender hydrosol or twenty drops of essential oil of lavender

For maximum effect, float fresh rose petals and/or orange blossoms in the bath, too

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2.  First add the salt and the bsy leaves.

Add eight ounces (about 250 ml) of geranium hydrosol.

Essential Oils and Their Magickal Properties

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To remove warts “wash” your hands in the Moon’s rays captured in a shiny metal basin. (folklore).From The Old Farmers Almanac.

Five drops of honeysuckle flower essence remedy(Bach Flowers)

Five changes of the moon in one calendar month indicate cooler weather. (folklore).From The Old Farmers Almanac.

Make an infusion by pouring boiling water over a dish containing one head of garlic (broken into cloves, but not peeled), one bunch of basil, one bunch of parsley and one bunch of sage.

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Let the infusion stand. Do not strain.

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This formula is sometimes marketed as Holy Water or as Blessing Water. It may substitute in any spell that calls for either one:

To remove warts “wash” your hands in the Moon’s rays captured in a shiny metal basin. (folklore).From The Old Farmers Almanac.

A splash of vinegar, preferably lemon vinegar

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Let the water out. Air-dry, let the water dry on you. Dont worry about clearing up the tub for at least a hour, and preferably wait until the next day.

This formula is attributed to Marie Laveau, the renowned Queen of New Orleans Voodoo. Born in 1792. Marie Laveau transformed Voodoo from a surreptitious and persecuted cult into an organized, respected (or feared) established tradition. Following her death, she has achieve unofficial saint status and continues to perform miracles from her grave at New Orleans St. Louis Cemetery Number One.

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Five drops of neroli or essential oil of petitgrain

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5.  Enter the waster. Submerge yourself completely five times if possible. Stay in as long as you like. Rub your both with the limes.

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Some Substitutions for Essential Oils

Witchcraft for the 21st Century

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This spell is attributed in Marie Laveau.

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Five dried or fresh baby laurel leaves

There are forty kinds of lunacy but only one kind of common sense. (folklore).From The Old Farmers Almanac.

Add all the above ingredients to a tub filled with water and luxuriate before bedtime.

Protecting Yourself and Your Home: A Basic Warding Ritual

When youve ready get into the tub: either pour the entire dish of clearing materials over you or ladle it gradually. Then soak in the tub.

3.  Squeeze the limes into the water, tossing the fruit in as well

6.  Drain the  water while still in the tub allow yourself to air-dry amidst the remnants of the limes and leftover leaves

Days following both the new and full Moons are most likely to be rainy or stormy. (folklore).From The Old Farmers Almanac.

Moon When Leaves Are Green, Moon To Plant

Magickal Boosters, The Sun, The Moon, etc.(158)

The bathroom should be cleansed and fumigated.

The following ingredients will be required:

A glass of rose-water or rose hydrosol, or one of the charged water.

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