Elder Divination

is here: a batch of high-level Divination content following on from. Re-enter the Elder Halls and train at a new wisp colony from level 75 to 85, with woven items up to 99. Create new items, and summon the player-voted nightmare muspah familiar.

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There are newdivine implingsto be caught around Gielinor and inImpetuous Impulses. They require 79 Hunter to catch, and yield energy, portents, signs, and – if youre lucky – completed muspah summoning pouches.

Full details of how the above items work can be found in the Divination Skill Advance Guide in game, or on thewiki.

Fresh from a recent Power to the Players poll comes thenightmare muspah familiar. This beast of burden can only hold memories and energy, but has a better capacity than a pack yak. If you have one with you while youre converting at a rift, itll automatically empty and fill its inventory, and it gives a small, passive chance to quadruple energy when harvesting from springs. Nightmare muspah pouches are made using elder energy in the place of spirit shards, as well as elder charms and muspah spines – dropped only by muspah killed on Freneskae.

Chronicles have been reworked. You can gather more at once, they give far more XP than they used to, and their spawn rate has been greatly increased. Note that while you can now carry up to 30 at once, the spawn rate starts to decrease once youre holding more than ten, so its a good idea to hand them in whenever you can.

If you havent already, set your sights on completingFate of the Gods. Its a heck of an experience, and – with todays updates – its never been more rewarding.

Take a look at thepatch notesfor other updates released today.

Using theelder energyharvested there, youll weave powerful portents, signs, locations up to level 99, and imbue mighty muspah summoning pouches:

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Even if you havent completed the quest, todays update brings you some nifty new Divination features.

To cap it off, were offering an Early Bird Bonus for the next two weeks: triple divine impling spawns, double Hunter XP and energy from catching divine implings, and double Divination XP and energy when gathering from divine simulacrums.

While divining in Freneskae, youll also uncover ten snippets of ancient lore fromelder chronicles, which also grant you XP in any skill of your choice when handed in at the divination camp or at the Guthixian shrine (which still gives its XP boost).

Once youve completedFate of the Gods, use the World Gate south of the Eagles Peak lodestone to return to Freneskae. Travel back across the dangerous landscape, down through Zaross Sanctum and deep into the Elder Halls. Alternatively, use the new shortcut option on the World Gate to jump right to the Elder Halls themselves.

Read on for more information, or log intoRuneScapenow and get stuck in!

There are some cool updates separate from the quest too: weve made collecting chronicles much more rewarding, and you can transmute unwanted summoning charms to ones more useful to you.

Portents of degradationautomatically heal you and damage your opponent when youre damaged to under half life – they can also be made into more powerful attuned varieties.Portentsandsignsof deathwill return a percentage of your life points upon death, preventing your demise and damaging your opponent for a corresponding amount.Portents and signs of liferevive you with more health, without the damage to your enemy.Note that life and death items share the same one-hour cooldown.

There, youll find anew wisp colony, which is great for training from 75 to 85. No need to bring the Measure – once the quest is complete, the wisps will be permanently visible.

Its now possible totransmute summoning charmsinto other types. Youll need several lower-tier charms plus some divination energy to produce the charm of your choice. See thewikifor more information.

Theres a new type ofdivine locationto make, too: thedivine simulacrum. It can be woven from 75 Divination up, is harvestable at 65 Divination, and grants energy appropriate to your level.

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