Supporter Packs revealed for Path of Exile The Awakening

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The Awakeningis expected to drop later this year, andincludesa new story and new locations, skills, gems, new items and more. You can sign up for a chance to be in the closed betahere.

The studio raised $2.5 million through Supporter Packs forPath of Exileitself, so its no surprise to see them brought back. They range from the reasonable ($30), to the insane ($1,100), with the most expensive Highgate tier offering you the chance to design a Divination Card.

several Supporter Packs for its upcoming expansion, offering various bits and pieces of extra content, plus access to the forthcoming closed beta.

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Supporter Packs revealed for Path of Exile: The…

Normally this kind of thing does my head in, butPath of Exilegets a pass because its one of the few free-to-play games that actually feels fleshed out and fun without forcing you to drop buckets of cash. Im not even going to roll my eyes at that $1,100 tier. Nope, not rolling my eyes at all.

Divination Cards are a new type of item that drops from monsters you encounter while playingThe Awakening. They can be traded in for the item described on the card, and the highest tier Supporter Pack lets you choose the name, flavour text and redemption item for a card. Other Supporter bonuses include the usual mix of in-game and real-world merchandise, from new weapon effects to t-shirts and graphic novels. Check out the full deal over on thegames website.

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