Final Fantasy XI Quests FAQ

______ __ __ __ __ / ____//_//\ / //____ \/ / / /___ __ / \ / /_____/ // / / ____// // . // ___ // / / / / // / \ // /__/ // / /_/ /_//_/ \//_____.//_____/ ______ _____ __ ______ _____ _______ __ / ____//____ \ /\ / //____ \\ __//____ \ / _____// / / / / /___ _____/ // \ / /_____/ // / _____/ // /____ / / / / / ____// ___ // . // ___ // // ___ //___ // // / / / / /__/ // / \ // /__/ // / / /__/ /_____/ // // / /_/ /_____.//_/ \//_____.//_/ /_____.//______//_____ / ________________________________________________/ / /__________________________________________________________/ ———- M I S S I O N S / Q U E S T S G U I D E ————- version 0.8 han duong (hpsolo) Midgardsormr: Sylphine WINDURST MISSIONS Mission: [1] The Horutoto Ruins Experiment Orders: The Minister of the Orastery is conducting an experiment in the eastern magic tower of the Horutoto Ruins, located in East Sarutabaruta. Inquire at the Orastery first, then go assist him. Level: party of 2 or more; level 6+ (can solo at level 8+) Solution: 1. Go to (E-7) in Port Windurst (Orastery) and speak to Hakkuru-Rinkuru. (Also do the Glyph Hanger quest to get a map of the Horutoto Ruins if you dont already have it — youll be glad to have it.) 2. Head to E. Sarutabaruta and go inside the tower at (J-7). Then head to the cracked wall at (H-9) once inside the tower. Examine the wall to open it up and go inside. 3. Go left and examine the magical gizmo on the wall; be wary of the goblins in the area. You will get a scene and be told to find the cracked mana orb. 4. Return to the main area where you saw magical gizmos with steps that lead to them. There are 6 — examine any 5, and then upon examining the 6th orb you will get the Cracked Mana Orb [Key Item]. 5. Return the Cracked Mana Orb to the Orastery. Reward: Rank points Title: (?) Mission: [2] The Heart of the Matter Orders: Assist the Manustery in the creation of Cardians. You must go to the southeastern magic tower of Horutoto Ruins in East Sarutabaruta, and energize the Mana Orbs hat serve as the hearts of the Cardians. Inquire at the Manustery first for details. Level: party of 2 or more; level 8+ Solution: 1. Go to (H-9) in the Manustery located in Windurst Woods and speak to Apururu. He will give you six dark Mana Orbs [Key Item]. 2. Go to (J-11) in E. Sarutabaruta and find Pore-Ohre in the tower located there. Talk to Pore-Ohre to obtain the Southeastern Star Charm [Key Item]. 3. Now go down into the ruins and place each of the six orbs in each of the 6 magical gizmo platforms. You simply need to examine the gizmos and the orbs be be placed automatically. Two of them are in the side rooms behind cracked walls and are guarded by Balloons (bomb type). 4. Once all six orbs are placed, head to yet another cracked wall and examine the magical gizmo on the wall to trigger a cutscene. 5. Now retrieve the 6 orbs and return to Apururu. You will lose them, but dont worry. Just report back to Apururu at the Manustery. Reward: Rank points Title: (?) Mission: [3] The Price of Peace Orders: Receive two bags of food offerings from the Rhinostery, and deliver one bag to each of the Yagudo who stand by the altars of offerings in Giddeus. Dont forget to report back to the Rhinostery after completing the mission. Level: party of 2 or more, level 8+ Solution: 1. Head to (J-9) at the Rhinostery at Windurst Waters and speak to Ohbiru-Dohbiru. Then head to the roof of the Rhinostery to speak to Leppe Hoppe. He will give you Food Offering [Key Item] and Drink Offering [Key Item]. 2. Buy a map of Giddues (600 gil) at Windurst Woods at one of the yellow tents. 3. Head to W. Sarutabaruta go to the northwest area. Enter Giddeus (its unmarked on the W. Sarutabaruta map) and go to (G-7) where you will speak to a Yagudo named Ghoo Pakya. 4. Then go to (H-7) and speak to Laa Mozi. 5. Return to the Rhinostery rooftop and watch a scene. 6. Head over to any Windurst gate and speak to the guards who give you missions. Reward: Rank 2 1000 gil Title: (?) Currently a work in progress… Below are the quests I have pending and completed. Unfortunately, I am writing this guide based only from memory — and its been a long time since Ive done some of the quests listed below. Feel free to send in corrections (be it item names, reward info, better solutions). Things in () or [] are names/rewards which I cant remember. So if you do these quests and remember the reward, please inform me 😛 I will eventually have each in-game summary of the quest as well. They can be pretty lenghty, so that will come later. The titles of each quest come from the Quests menu in the game and are NOT translations. Being from Windurst, Ive posted the Windurst quests first 😛 THINGS I NEED HELP WITH: – Titles you attain from finishing each quest – Identifying which quests are hidden — i.e. do not appear on the Current Quest but do appear on the Completed Quest log. – Pre-reqs and possible conflicts for each quest (lvl, fame, other quests) – Locations of the NPCs (the clients and those mentioned in the solutions; also, if you see a solution that doesnt list the specific NPCs you need to see, and you happen to find it while doing the quest yourself, please send in the info) PLEASE SUBMIT TIPS/UPDATES/ETC TO GAMEFAQS FFXI MESSAGE BOARDS AND _NOT_ VIA EMAIL (EVEN IF YOU MANAGE TO FIND MY EMAIL ADDRESS). NOTES: – All quests are listed in the order they appear in the quest menu. – Quests which are in a series are listed one after the other. THANKS TO: – Jonnyrams Windurst Quest FAQ (needed some tips for a few of the Windurst quests) – – whoever maintains – BahamustLegion LS – PheonixDown LS (formerly BahamutsLegion) MAPS: ********************************************************************** * WINDURST ********************************************************************** Unfinished Quests: * A Feather In Ones Cap Client: Baren-Moren (Hat Shop, Windurst Waters) * Wondering Minstrel Client: Jatan-Paratan (Timbre Timbers, Windurst Waters) Reward: Solution: Talk to the NPCs in Timbre Timbers and then talk to Jatan-Paratan. Then travel to Jeuno to find Rusian. He will then tell you to give Jatan-Paratan a piece of Rosewood Lumber (carpentry; turn Rosewood Log into Rosewood Lumber; lvl 50+ skill?). I havent completed this and made the mistake of buying a 6k+ piece of log which I dont think anyone can turn into lumber just yet 🙁 * Blast From the Past Client: Koru-Moru (Manor, Windurst Walls) Reward: Solution: Enter Shakhrami from Tahrongi, and go to G-6, then on the next map to H-6 (to return to the first map). From H-6, go to K-7. From I-7 (second map), go east to F-8. Kill the scorpions and anything else in the F-8 room first. Then examine the fossil rock and kill Ichorous Ire for a Burnite Shell. I lost the lot to this item; so still on the to-do list. * Making Amens! Client: Koroido-Moido (Orastery, Port Windurst) Reward: Solution: Travel to Garliage and examine the Incenerator. This is all I know based on talking to the NPCs. I have not done this yet, but Im sure Sneak and Invisible is enough to complete this task. * In a Stew Client: Kuoh Rhel (Chocobo Stables, Windurst Woods) Reward: Solution: Kill any type of mushrooms for Woozy Mushroom and must not have A Crisis in the Making still pending (its a repeatable quest so avoid re-accepting the quest). He will ask for three Woozy Mushrooms. I have onlly managed two so far (to lazy to solo them and we fight Exorays anyway). * Can Cardians Cry? Client: Apururu (Manustery, Windurst Woods) Reward: Solution: Find the Queen of Diamonds cardian… I have no idea where to even start 🙁 My hunch is shes somewhere in Toraimai Canal… Completed Quests: * In a Pickle Client: Chamama (Rarab Tail Hostelry, Windurst Waters) Reward: Bone Hairpin (gil if repeated) Solution: Kill Crawlers and obtain a Smooth Stone. Trade it to Chamama. You may have to do this several times before she accepts the right stone. * A Pose by Any Other Name Client: Angelica (Hostelry Room, Windurst Waters) Reward: Ancient Blood (furniture) Solution: Wear the proper garments and pose for her. If you do not have the proper garment, and do not obtain one in time, just change zones and retry the quest. The required clothing depends on your current main job. * Acting in Good Faith Client: Gantineux (Hostelry Room, Windurst Waters) Reward: Teleport-Mea scroll Solution: You may first need to talk to Epedur (San DOria Cathedral); high fame is also needed. Go to Eldieme and enter from Batallia (there are several entrances close to each other; it is not the one down by the island). Find a lit torchstand that also has ??? on it. Examine it and choose the option to use the incense. You will fail. Then return to Gantineux, and then visit Epedur (again) for the reward. * Say It with Flowers Client: Moari-Kaaori (House, Windurst Waters) Reward: (sword) Solution: Talk to everyone in the nearby houses, and then to Moari-Kaaori. Then go to the Rhinostery to get more info on the flower. REMEMBER WHAT HOW MOARI-KAAORI DESCRIBES THE FLOWER!!! You will need that info when you talk to the people in the Rhinostery. Then Go to F-6 in Tahrongi and get the flower. Trade it to Moari-Kaaori. * Hat in Hand Client: Baren-Moren (Hat Shop, Windurst Waters) Reward: (gil) Solution: Talk to the following people in Windurst Waters: – Bondada at the hat shop – Machitata near the residence area – Honoi-Gomoi in a house in the residence area – Kenap-Keppa at the Rhinostery – Clais near the Rarabs Tail – Kyume-Romeh in the Rarabs Tail – Tosuka-Porika in the Optistery – Perchiru-Mashiru in the Aurastery DO NOT LEAVE WINDURST WATERS UNTIL YOU FINISH THE QUEST. The more people you talk to, the more gil you receive. Dont talk to enough of them and you will be scolded (and get 0 gil). * Making Headlines Client: Naiko-Paneiko (Tarutaru Times, Windurst Waters) Reward: Solution: Find three newspaper reporters: – Raribs Tail Hostelry in Windurst Waters – By the Airport in Port Windurst – Next to Shantottos in Windurst Walls – By the Dhalmel farm in Windurst Woods Then go to the Cat Burglars Hideout at G-8 in the northeast Horutoto Tower. (Enter and hug the wall to your right until you see a Cracked Wall; go through and continue hugging the wall to your right until you see a door at G-8; examine it). Return to Windurst waters and then report to Naiko-Paneiko * Scooped! Client: Naiko-Paneiko (Tarutaru Times, Windurst Waters) Reward: Solution: Take the boat between Mhaura and Selbina and fish using a strong fishing pole (S.H. Fishing Rod works well; use Lugworms or a lure that sinks to the bottom — buy one on the boat). Catch an Ocean Crab and kill it to get a Bronze Box. Trade it to Naiko-Paneiko. At level 4-6 fishing, you will easily catch Ocean Crabs. They will only drop the Bronze Box if you do not currently have one in your possession. * Glyph Hanger Client: Hariga-Origa (Optistery, Windurst Waters) Reward: Key Item – Map of Horutoto Solution: Exit from Windurst Waters and visit the tower that is just outside. Just as you go inside (not inside the tower, but inside the entrance) look behind you at the entrance and talk to the person standing there. Then return to Hariga-Origa. * Early Bird Catches the Bookworm Client: Tosuka-Porika (Optistery, Windurst Waters) Reward: (gil) Solution: Talk to Orn in the Rarabs Tail Hostelry. Then go to Giddueus and drop down to the lower level. Go to G-6 and trade a Silver Beastcoin for the lost book. These Silver Beastcoins are dropped by Yagodos (you can steal them from Persecutors, Mendicants, and Pipers as well). * Chasing Tales Client: Tosuka-Porika (Optistery, Windurst Waters) Reward: (gil) Solution: Go to the Auction Hall in Windurst Woods and speak to Hae Jakkya. She will deny borrowing the book (and she isnt lieing). Then go to San DOria to find Hea Jekhya. She is by the West Gate (on top of the walls). She is the true culprit. Get the book from her, and return to Tosuka-Porika. * A Smudge On Ones Record Client: Hariga-Origa (Optistery, Windurst Waters) Reward: Key Item – Map of FeiYin and gil Solution: Kill Jellies in Shakhrami Maze to obtain Slime Oil. Buy a Frosted Turnip in Windurst Waters (Culinary Guild) and trade both items to Hariga-Origa. * Food for Thought Client: Kerutoto (Rhinostery, Windurst Waters) Reward: Solution: Grilled Hare Meat can be obtained by an easy quest in San DOria (or use cooking; may be sold at Auction Houses). Boiled eggs are obtained by cooking. Windurst Tea and Tortilla can both be bought in Windurst Water stores. Pamtam Kelp can be obtained by fishing using a normal fishing pole and insect paste as bait. * Overnight Delivery Client: Kenapa-Keppa (Rhinostery, Windurst Waters) Reward: Power Gi Solution: You have to talk to Kenapa-Keppa several times or at least until he starts repeating himself. Then go to Mhaura and wait by the ticket booth until nightfall. Find Kotan-Purutan and obtain luggage from her. You must be back in Windurst Waters before dawn. It is best to do this quest when you have Warp (lvl 17 BLM) or have a friend with Warp II. Just make sure you set your home point in Windurst Waters 😛 * Water way to go! Client: Ohbiru-Dohbiru (Rhinostery, Windurst Waters) Reward: (gil) Solution: Obtain the container from Ohbiru-Dohbiru. Then go to Gidddeus and trade it with the Giddeus Spring (there are two of them; one at E-12 and the other at K-12). Return the water you obtain from the trade and give it to Ohbiru-Dohbiru. * Teachers Pet Client: Moreno-Teono (Aurastery, Windurst Waters) Reward: Solution: Kill Mandragora-type creatures to get a Two-Leaf Mandragora Bud and kill Carrion Crows to get a Bird Feather (can also buy from Weavers Guild for a very cheap price). Trade them to Moreno-Teono. * Let Sleeping Dogs Lie Client: Paku-Nakku (Aurastery Roof, Windurst Waters) Reward: Hypno Staff Solution: Talk to his classmates and then to the people in the Orastery. You will learn that a Remedy does not work, and that Blazing Peppers are needed. Go to Pashlow and head to the northeastern green path on the map. There is a ??? there to which you can trade a Sickle for some peppers. Give these to Paku-Nakku. You will fail; but go talk to the people in the Aurastery and one of them gives you a hint. Talk to Paku-Nakku again, and respond with the hint. He will curse at you and your quest will be completed. Go back to the person who gave you the hint (inside the Aurastery) to get a Hypno Staff. * Making the Grade Client: Fuepepe (Aurastery, Windurst Waters) Reward: Aspir scroll Solution: You need a red, black, and white mage to do this quest. Go to the northeastern Horutoto tower and hug the wall to your right to find the Cracked Wall (G-8). Go inside and go through the east door in D-10. Solve the puzzle at H-9 and pass through the fake walls at H-8. Kill the Wendigos there to get the [Exam Answers]. Give the to Fuepepe, who sends you to Koru-Moru in Windurst Walls. Then return to Fuepepe. * A Crisis in the Making Client: Ranpi-Monpi (Culinarians Guild, Windurst Waters) Reward: (gil) Solution: Go to Giddues and drop down to the lower level. Reach the altar room located in the northwest corner of the lower level. Examine the altar. Return to Ranpi-Monpi to finish your quest. * The Postman Always K.Os Twice Client: Ambrosius (Auction House, Windurst Walls) Reward: (gil) Solution: Give any mail items to Ambrosius to recive some gil. They are often found on rarabs (various types). * Curses, Foiled Again! Client: Shantotto (Manor, Windurst Walls) Reward: Solution: Kill Balloons in the Horutoto towers for Bomb Ash and the Magicked Bones (or any skeleton) for two Bone Chips. Trade these to Shantotto. * Curses, Foiled…Again!? Client: Shantotto (Manor, Windurst Walls) Reward: Misery Staff Solution: You will be given an option to turn yourself in, or refuse to give up. Choose the option to refuse. Get a Revival Tree Root from any undead, two Bomb Arms (bomb-type monsters or buy in Bastok Metalworks) and some hair from the person just outside of her house (hes actually one of the newspaper guys). Gives these to her for the staff. * Curses, Foiled A-Golem!? Client: Shantotto (Manor, Windurst Walls) Reward: Warp II scroll Solution: Sneak and Invisible are needed unless you have a party of lvl 45+. Starting at E-10 (where you exit from Ranguemont Pass), head to H-9. You will be traveling east and pass the first tower (as well as a pass that leads up and north). Find the ledge/passage leading northeast to I-8, where there is a pass leading down and east. Head north to I-7 to find a tower with three NPCs. Talk to Trino-Samarino and obtain a key item. From this tower, head due south to I-9 to find a pass leading down and east. Continue east to J-9 and then head north, northwest, then northeast until you reach J-5. Enter the ruins here (FeiYin). Once in FeiYin go to H-9. Do not take the path leading south. Instead continue east until you reach a circular room in H-9, and you will do a U turn and be heading west down some steps. Once you see a new map, head to F-6 and examine the first door north-western-most door. WARNING: FeiYin has lots of monsters which aggro magic, and just about everything aggros. Sneak is probably enough to get through here, but it doesnt hurt to play it safe with Sneak/Invis/Deo. * Mandragora-Mad Client: Yoran-Oran (Manor, Windurst Walls) Reward: (gil) Solution: Kill Mandragora-class monsters and trade the items they drop. I have traded Cornettes and Sulfur. If you know the other items which can be traded, please let me know. * Star Struck Client: Koru-Moru (Manor, Windurst Walls) Reward: Blaze Spikes scroll Solution: Go to W. Sarutabaruta and kill monsters from a drop called a Meteorite. Trade it to Koru-Moru for the scroll. * Something Fishy Client: Tokaka (Fishermens Guild, Port Windurst) Reward: 70 gil Solution: Fish using a Bamboo rod and Lugworms near the guild and catch Bastore Sardines. Trade one to Tokaka for 70 gil. You can rezone and repeat this quest. * To Catch a Falling Star Client: Sigismund (Orastery Roof, Port Windurst) Reward: Fish Scale Shield Solution: Talk to the man next to Sigismund for more info. Kill Pugil-type monsters (in E. Sarutabaruta) and use the Pugil Scales to trade with the tree at I-6 in W. Sarutabaruta after midnight. Bring the item back to Sigismund for the shield. * Truth, Justice, and the Onion Way! Client: Kohlo-Lakolo (Warehouses, Port Windurst) Reward: Solution: Obtain a Rarab Tail and trade this to Kohlo-Lakolo. The monsters in Sarutabaruta should drop these (bee-type creatues drop them most often). You can also grow these via gardening. * Know Ones Onion Client: Kohlo-Lakolo (Warehouses, Port Windurst) Reward: Solution: Obtain four Wild Onions (dropped by Goblins in the Horutoto towers) and trade them to Kohlo-Lakolo. * Inspectors Gadget Client: Kohlo-Lakolo (Warehouses, Port Windurst) Reward: Heko Obi Solution: Kill Mandragora-type monsters (or steal) to obtain some Saruta Cotton. Trade 4 of these to Chamama in the Hostelry in Windurst Waters to obtain the key item Fake moustache. Then talk to Kohlo-Lakolo again. * Onion Rings Client: Kohlo-Lakolo (Warehouses, Port Windurst) Reward: Bouncer Club Solution: During Mission 7, you should have examined a spot in the floor when you dropped through the trapped floor at J-8 (first map) in Oztroja. Talk to Kohlo-Lakolo and then examine the door at the Heros House. After a cutscene, return to the warehouses and talk to Kohlo-Lakolo again. * Making Amends Client: Hakkuru-Rinkuru (Orastery, Port Windurst) Reward: Solution: Either synthesize Animal Glue or kill Goblins for the item and trade this to Hakkuru-Rinkuru. * Creepy Crawlers Client: Illu Bohjaa (Dhalmel Farm, Windurst Woods) Reward: 600 gil Solution: Kill Crawlers to obtain Crawler Calculus or Silk Thread. Trade three of each (one or the other, not both) to get 600 gil. Its better to trade calculi (they only sell for 3 gil at the shops; silk sells at 203 gil a piece). * Paying Lip Service Client: Tapoh Lihzeh (Apothecary, Windurst Woods) Reward: Solution: Kill bees to and trade three Beehive Chips or two Remi Shells (kill crabs) and trade them to Tapoh Lihzeh. The location of this NPC is east of the Dhalmel Farm. * The Amazin Scorpio Client: Soni-Muni (Bomingo Round, Windurst Woods) Reward: Solution: Kill scorpions (any type; best found in Shakrami Maze) for a Scorpion Stinger. * Chocobilious Client: Kuoh Rhel (Chocobo Stables, Windurst Woods) Reward: 1500 gil Solution: Talk to Tapoh Lihzeh (See Paying Lip Service quest) for information on how to cure the sick chocobo. You will need to kill Dhalmels for Papaka Grass. Trade it to Tapoh Lihzeh and then go see Kuoh Rhel. * Mihgos Amigo Client: Nanaa Mihgo (Cat Burlars lair, Windurst Woods) Reward: Solution: Talk to the other Mithra nearby to learn that she wants four Yagudo Necklaces. Trade them to Nanaa Mihgo. * Rock Racketeer. Client: Nanaa Mihgo (Cat Burlars lair, Windurst Woods) Reward: Solution: Nanaa will give you a rock to have appraised by the people at the Goldsmiths Guild (person just outside the door). I chose to sell the rock after having it appraised. Talk to Nanaa and tell her you sold it. Then go to Windurst Woods and talk to the hume near the home point and he will talk about a rock he lost. Travel to Palborough Mines and trade a Pickaxe to the Mithril Seam on the west wall of the room in I-9 (3rd floor). Get a Sharp Stone and bring it back to the hume in Windurst Woods. * The All-New C-2000 Client: Kopuro-Popuro (Manustery, Windurst Woods) Reward: Solution: Kill rabbits for a Rabbit Hide, Mandrogoras for a Two- Leaf Mandragora Bud, and bees for an Insect Wing. Give These to Kopuro-Popuro. * A Greeting Cardian Client: Kopuro-Popuro (Manustery, Windurst Woods) Reward: Solution: Talk to all the cardians in the Manustery and respond to any dialogue boxes however you please. Then Speak to Kopuro-Popuro to initiate this quest. You will have to look for a cardian with an improper greeting. You can track down the cardian at the Buburimu outpost, and return to Kopuro-Popuro to finish your quest. * Legendary Plan B Client: Kopuro-Popuro (Manustery, Windurst Woods) Reward: Scentless Armlet Solution: Kill undead for a Revival Tree Root, wolf-type animals for a Wolf Hide, and the crypt ghoul in Ranperres Tomb (by the headstone) for a piece of Luminicloth (I think any undead drop this; not sure though). Trade these to Kopuro-Popuro. * The Fanged One Client: Perih Vashai (Vashais Residence, Windurst Woods) Reward: Rangers Necklace and ability to become Ranger Solution: Go to I-10 in Sauromugue Champaign and check the ??? to get a key item. Then return to Perih Vashai. Be careful as that spot is guarded by three tigers. Sneak and Invisible should be enough if you cannot handle the tigers. * Flower Child Client: Ojha Rhawash (Residential Area, Windurst Walls) Reward: extra exits from mog house Solution: Buy a Lilac in Upper Jeuno and give one to Ojha Rhawash. * I Can Hear a Rainbow Client: ??? (House of the Hero, Widnurst Walls) Reward: Carbuncle summon and ability to become Summoner Solution: (Quest given only if current main job is level 30+) Kill leeches (best drop rates are Acrophies in Quifim) to get Carbuncles Ruby. Then go to the Heros House and get a cutscene. Now search out the seven weathers: – Heat Meriph Mtns during noon, Castle Oztroja – Wind Tahrongi, La Theine, Buburimu – Thunder Junger, Saur. Chmpgn, Quifim – Rain La Theine, Junger, Buburimu – Clear (just about any location) – Ice Beaucedine Glacier; sometimes Batallia – Sand Tahrongi, Valkurm, Buburimu (If an area you are already in begins to have certain weather you need, just leave that zone and return to it to get the effect.) Go to G-6 in La Theine and trade the Carbuncle Ruby to the ??? spot near the circle of stones. (Yes, you can be on Chocobos and still get the weather effects) ********************************************************************** * BASTOK ********************************************************************** Unfinished: * Blade of Darkness * The Star of Ifrit * The Gustaberg Tour Completed: * The Sirens Tear Client: Wahid (South Auction House, Bastok Mines) Reward: 150 gil Solution: Talk to Wahid, then go the Port Bastok and find the bard in the restaurant for more info. Then head to J-8 and J-9 in N. Gustaberg with no weapon equipped to find the ???. Examine it and obtain a Sirens Tear. Return this to Wahid. * Beauty and the Galka Client: Cornelia & Parraggoh (House, Batok Mines) Reward: Bronze Knife Solution: This quest actually starts in the Warehouse in Port Bastok. Kill worms to obtain Zinc Ore and trade one to the person who gives the quest in the Warehouse. Then find Cornelia in Bastok Mines for the reward. * Welcome to Bastok Client: Powhatan (Steaming Sheep Restaurant, Port Bastok) Reward: Solution: Talk to him again if you would like to get some hints. Kill Quadavs in Gustaberg to get a Shell Shield. Wear it (might need to change classes) and talk to the NPCs behind the counters at the travel agency. You will get a cutscene. Then go see Powhatan. * Guest of Hauteur Client: Powhatan (Steaming Sheep Restaurant, Port Bastok) Reward: Targe Solution: Kill Garnet Quadavs for a Maul and wear it (lvl 31 White Mage only). Then go talk to the gaurd near the zone from Port Bastok to Bastok Markets. Get a cutscene and a letter to give to Powhatan. * The Quadavs Curse Client: Corann (House, Port Bastok) Reward: Solution: Kill Quadavs for a Quadav Backplate and trade it to Corann. * Out of Ones Shell Client: Ronan (House, Port Bastok) Reward: Solution: Talk to Ronan, and then to the people in the nearby area to learn that Shell Bugs are what you need. Go to Beadeaux and kill Quadavs for Shell Bugs (three needed). Trade them to Ronan and then rezone for your reward. * Hearts of Mythril Client: Elki (Bats Lair Inn, Bastok Mines) Reward: Solution: Head to J-7 in N. Gustaberg and examine the grave there to place flowers at the grave. You will also notice some faded words… Go back to Elki and talk to him for your reward. * The Elevenths Hour Client: Elki (Bats Lair Inn, Bastok Mines) Reward: Satibaki Solution: Head to Palborough Mines and examine the Tool Box at H-7 (3rd Floor). Return to Elki and hell send you on a search for a Galka in Bastok Mines. Find this Galka in the houses to finish this quest. * Shady Business Client: Talib (Tenshodo Warehouse, Port Bastok) Reward: Solution: Kill worms to obtain Zince Ore. You can also buy these in Mhaura or at the airport shops. Trade four of them. * A Foremans Best Friend Client: Gudav (Construction Site, Port Bastok) Reward: Key Item – Map of Gusgen Mines Solution: First head to the houses near the gate in Bastok Markets to find a young Galka who tells you more about the foreman. You will learn about the formans dog. Kill the dogs in Gustaberg (at night) for a rare Dog Collar (or buy at the AH). Trade this to Gudav and obtain the Gusgen Mines map. * Breaking Stones Client: Horatius (Traders House, Port Bastok) Reward: (gil) Solution: Go to Wadi and search for the ??? at J-5. Obtain a Dangruf Stone and give this to Horatius. * The Cold Light of Day Client: Malene (House, Bastok Markets) Reward: 500 gil Solution: Malene can be found near the zone toward Port Bastok. Find the young Galka in the house near the gate in Bastok Markets to learn that you will need to trade a Quus (obtain from fishing) to the ??? near the lighthouse (M-10) in S. Gustaberg to lure out a monster. Kill the crab (it appears behind you) to get a Steam Clock. Trade this to Malene. * Gourmet Client: Salimah (Traders Home, Bastok Markets) Reward: 200 gil / 200 gil / 350 gil Solution: Depending on the time of day, Salimah will want various items for cooking. Talk to her daughter to find out what she needs (Sleepshroom, Treant Bulb, Wild Onions) and give her the requested item for some gil. If you give her an item that she does not request, she will give you less gil. * The Elvaan Goldsmith Client: Michea (House, Bastok Markets) Reward: 180 gil Solution: Synthesize a Copper Ingot (or buy one from the AH) and give this to Michea. Four Copper Ores and a Fire Crystal are needed. * A Flash in the Pan Client: Aquillina (House, Bastok Markets) Reward: Solution: Kill worms to obtain Flint Stones. Give four to Aquillina. * Smoke on the Mountain Client: Hungry Wolf (Craftsmens Eatery, Bastok Metalworks) Reward: Solution: Find and talk to Offa to learn how to make Galkan Sausage. Go to the top of the hill at K-9 in S. Gustaberg and find the Goblin camp at the top. You should see a ??? at the center of the campfire. Kill the sheep nearby for some Giant Sheep Meat and trade this to the ???. You must wait an entire game-hour WITHOUT ever leaving S. Gustaberg for the meat to cook. Give the Sausage to Hungry Wolf once it meat is done cooking. * Stamp Hunt Client: Arawn (Gold Street, Bastok Markets) Reward: Leather Gorget Solution: Examine the stamp sheet in your key items menu to get hints on the location of the people who will offer you stamps. Once all guards have been found, talk to Arawn again. (Anyone remember the names/location of the NPCs?) * Forever to Hold Client: Qiji (Docks, Port Bastok) Reward: Solution: Talk to the old couple near the water. Qiji wants you to get him a Brass Hairpin (synthesis item or check AHs). Trade it to his wife, Romilda to get a silly cutscene and your reward. * Fallen Comrades Client: Pavvke (House, Bastok Mines) Reward: Solution: Kill Quadavs in the Palbourough Mines to get a Silver Name Tag. Trade this to Pavvke. You can also find lots of these in the armor section at the AH. * Mom, the Adventurer? Client: Nbu Latteh (Gold Street, Bastok Markets) Reward: 200 gil / 100 gil Solution: Make (or buy — easier and cheap) a Copper Ring and find the young Mitrha in a house in Bastok Mines. Give her the ring and obtain a letter to Nbu Latteh. Talk to Nbu Latteh once you get the letter. * The Signpost Marks the Spot Client: Nbu Latt

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