Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix FAQWalkthrough

2. E for Exceeds Expectations 3. A for Acceptable 4. P for Poor 5. T for Troll Professor Flitwicks Exam For this test you will need to cast a series of Charms. Which charm you need will be called out by Professor Flitwick and you need to aim at the right piece of furniture and cast it. The grade you get depends on how quickly you can perform each charm on the right piece of furniture. The order in which he calls them never changes so if you dont get it first time it is easier to get each time you try as you begin to remember what comes next. To save you the trouble I have listed them below. To achieve an O for this test you will need to cast the spell as soon as you can so you are casting continuously throughout the exam. 1. Wingardium Leviosa on the bench on the far right. 2. Reducto on the tree stump in the middle. 3. Reparo on the plates to the right of the stump. 4. Accio on the chain hanging in the fire place on the right. 5. Depulso on the cabinet that appears on the left. 6. Accio on the chain in the fireplace. 7. Incendio on the candle and plaque that appears on the far left. 8. Reducto on the tree stump. 9. Reparo on the plates. 10. Wingardium Leviosa on the stone bench. Professor Sprouts Exam For this test you need to re-pot Mandrakes as fast as you can. They will appear in two rows of pots, some will be broken with Mandrakes in them and others will be empty waiting for Mandrakes to be put it. The first set will appear with five Mandrakes on the left and five new pots on the right. Use Wingardium Leviosa to move them into their new pots. The second set will have two Mandrakes on the left and three on the right, each at alternate pots. The third round will have three Mandrakes on the left and two on the right. This is different though. Instead of each Mandrake facing their new pot, they are scattered around so you will need to find a new pot for them. It shouldnt be too tricky to do. That was the final round so you can see if you have reached O or try again if you did not. Professor Snapes Exam To pass this test you need to make a potion by adding the right coloured bottle into the cauldron depending on what colour the potion is at the time. For example, if the potion is yellow, use Wingardium Leviosa on the yellow bottle and drop it into the cauldron. The bottles will then change place and the potion will change colour ready for the next bottle. The order in which you need to add the bottles is listed below. 1. Light Blue 2. Green 3. Pink 4. Blue 5. Green 6. Yellow 7. Light Blue 8. Blue 9. Pink 10. Yellow ——————– *3. Ornithology Cup* ——————– – Find all the flying creatures of Hogwarts 5/5 Around Hogwarts there are five groups of flying creatures that can be found. You only need to get discovery points from one different creature within each group to achieve the cup. 3.1 Crows On the Suspended Bridge there are three crows perched on the ropes. Two are high and one is low, walk over to them to make them fly away. You can also find crows in the Stone Circle an at Hagrids Hut. 3.2 Owls Obviously these are found at the Owelry. Three owls can be found near the ground on the outside of the Owelry. Two are on the wall and one is on a perch. There is a sack on the floor that you can use Wingardium Leviosa on to feed a treat to each owl. There are also owls around the outside of the tower that is the Owelry but you will not be able to get those until later in the game when you are helping Colin to annoy Umbridge. 3.3 Seagulls These are found at the Boathouse. The first one is on the wall near the bottom of the stairs leading down from the Entrance Courtyard. There are two perched on the right hand side of the Boathouse that you can touch. On the left hand side of the Boathouse you can use Wingardium Leviosa on the sack on the ground to feed a treat to the three seagulls roosting there. 3.4 Bats These are found on the Stone Bridge, or more precisely, under it. On the left hand side of the bridge, (near the entrance to the first floor), climb up onto the far side wall and the camera will change showing you a stone ridge. You can use this ridge to climb down to a ledge below you. On that ledge sidle all the way to the right and use the second ridge to move down to a lower ledge. Step out onto this ledge and take a step and bats will fly out past you. 3.5 Pixie There is only one Pixie you need to find and it is in the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom. When you enter go over to the right hand row of desks and cast Wingardium Leviosa on the second one from the back to release the Pixie. ————————– *4. Portrait Password Cup* ————————– Find all the Portrait Passwords of Hogwarts 12/12 There are twelve passwords to find in all and although they are not necessary to complete the main story line, they will help a lot. They can cut your travelling time around the castle quite dramatically as their passages offer many shortcuts. If you talk to a portrait and all they do is continue to sleep on, this means you need to find their other portrait and talk to that one as most of them will have and entrance and exit portrait that are identical to look at. 1. Fat Ladys Portrait This is the first password you will get. When you are trying to find Hermione at the beginning of the game you need to find the password to get into Gryffindor Tower. At this point in the game there is usually a Gryffindor running up or down the staircase near you. Grab them and ask them if they know the portrait password. If there is not a member of Gryffindor near you then find any Gryffindor and they will tell you. When you do find out the password you need is Mimbulus mimbletonia. 2. Damara Dodderiges Portrait You must speak with this woman when you see her on the Grand Staircase on a Third Floor landing. If you try to talk to her in her other portrait she will just snooze on. To get her password is very simple. All you need to do is go down the staircase to talk to the painting of Gifford Ollerton on the first floor. When you have asked him for her food return to her portrait and she will tell you the password is Chops and Gravy. 3. Gifford Ollertons Portrait You must talk to his portrait on the first floor landing of the Grand Staircase. When you do he will tell you that he may only let someone from Hufflepuff through unless they have the password. To get the password you need to have helped a member from Hufflepuff House. So the simple solution is to find someone from Hufflepuff and ask them for the password. I can usually find one in the Entrance Hall to talk to. When you have found one, they will remember that you helped Cederic Diggory last year at Hogwarts so they will tell you the password is Dragons egg. 4. Percival Pratts Portrait This rhyming man can be found on the fifth floor landing of the Grand Staircase. He will ask you to seek the man with faces three. To find the guy with three faces you need to go up to the seventh floor near the Room of Requirements. If you stand with your back to the door for the Room of Requirements and walk down the corridor in front of you, the portrait you are looking for is on your left at the end of the corridor. It is covered in cobwebs so you will need to use Incendio on his portrait first before you can talk to him. When you do he will tell you to find Basil Von Fronsac. To find him you need to go to the portrait on the second floor landing on the Grand Staircase. When you talk to him he will send you to the portrait of the Shepherdess on the second floor landing which is very confusing as you are on that. The secret is he means another second floor landing. You need to go to the corridor on the second floor. When you get to the corridor you will find some stairs that keep turning back on themselves with landings in between. The shepherdess in on the second landing down. Talk to her and she will tell you to talk to Google Stump. To find him you need to go to the Viaduct Entrance. When you get there you will find Google Stump to the right at the bottom of the stairs. He will direct you to Gifford Abbot at the bottom of the Grand Staircase. He is the Hufflepuff portrait whose password is Dragons Egg. Talk to him and he tells This password is absurd. 5. Boris the Bewildereds Portrait This portrait is in the Third Floor corridor near the broken suits of armour. To get his password you need to talk to someone who was at Hogwarts fifty years ago. If you know your Hogwarts well enough you will remember that Moaning Myrtle was killed at Hogwarts fifty years ago by a Basilisk. Go to her bathroom and talk to her and she will tell you the password is Forget-me-never. 6. Library Portrait To get this password you need to bring him the headline from todays Daily Prophet because this is a staff passage and he wont let you through any other way. To get a copy of the Daily Prophet you need to go to the Great Hall and walk to the far end of the Hall. Find the Headmasters Lectern in front of the teachers table and first cast Depulso on it to see a quick cur scene of the bird windows in the rafters. (You will also see the roof which is an unheard of thing in Hogwarts.) When you have done that cast Wingardium Leviosa on the lectern and you will see four owls fly down over the tables. One of them was carrying the Daily Prophet. Run over and pick it up then go back to the portrait in the Library and tell him the news. He will then tell you the password is No News Is Good News. 7. Google Stumps Portrait You must talk to his portrait on a second floor landing on the Grand Staircase. He will tell you to find a first year Ravenclaw student and ask them where Rowena Ravenclaw came from. Head down to the Entrance Hall and you will find one there. Ask them and they will tell you she came from the Glens. Go back to Google and he will grant you access and tell you the password is Studious Success. 8. Basil Von Fronsacs Portrait He can be found in the Viaduct Entrance to the right of the bottom of the stairs. He will only tell you the password if you can get rid of anyone within earshot. This is the easiest password to get. Pull out your wand and aim it at everyone in the entrance so they run away. When you have cleared them out talk to the portrait again and he will tell you the password is Volo Futrus Unus. 9. Dungeons Portrait This portrait is the one you need to open so that Hannah Abbot will attend the first DA meeting. He can be found up one flight of stairs in the Dungeon at the base of the Grand Staircase. All you have to do is talk to him and he will tell you the password is Scurrilous Scoundrel. 10. Herbology Portrait This guy is apparently a bit fed up with looking at the portrait opposite him. All it is is a picture of an eye but you need to cover it up for him to give you the password. To do this you must repair the two broken suits of armour either side of the picture. Use Reparo on them both and a banner will drop down to cover the picture. When this is done talk to the Portrait and he will tell you the password is Flaming Earwigs. 11. Slytherin Portrait To find this one go all the way to the end of the Dungeon Corridor and talk to her. She will tell you that she only lets in people with the password and only Slytherins have the password. To get this password you will need your invisibility cloak so go up to the dormitory and get it on. When you have it go back down to the portrait and you will over hear a group of first year Slytherins talking about using the passage so they arent late for their potions lesson. Follow them down to the end of the corridor and they will use the password. Now that you have over heard it you can now go back up and put the invisibility cloak back then go and tell her the password is Slytherins Are Supreme. 12. Crazy Portrait This portrait is found on the seventh floor and he will ask you to find him. By this he means that you must find his other portrait. Go down to the fourth floor and find him then cast Incendio on the cobwebs covering him up. Talk to him and he will tell you that the password is Three heads are better than one. ——————– *5. House Ghost Cup* ——————– Find all the house ghosts of Hogwarts 4/4 Throughout Hogwarts there are four places that have a portrait of each ghost. This portrait is broken into four pieces and they are all lying on the floor. You must use Wingardium Leviosa to pick up each piece and place it back on the wall where there are four paler patches. When all four pieces are in place you will have discovered that ghost and they will roam up and down the corridor with the exception of Nick who will appear each time in the game when you stand still too long and will remind you what you need to do at each stage in the game. 5.1 Nearly Headless Nick – Gryffindor The first ghost will actually come and talk to you during the game. This is Nearly Headless Nick and he will appear when you leave the Room of Requirements for the first time to go and find the other DA Members. If however you would like to find him before that then his portrait can be found on the third floor. You will see it as you come off the Suspended Bridge next to the Exploding Snap Champion. 5.2 The Grey Lady Ravenclaw The portrait for the Grey Lady can be found right outside the Library on the wall opposite. 5.3 The Fat Friar – Hufflepuff You will find this portrait on the first floor near the Stone Bridge. If you come from that direction move through the round part of the corridor and it is a little way down the next stretch of corridor. 5.4 The Bloody Baron Slytherin This portrait is hidden deep in the Dungeons of Hogwarts. When you enter the corridor, go through the first part into the second and there will be a small room leading off from this part. The portrait for the Baron is in there. ——————- *6. Characters Cup* ——————- Find all characters in the game. 58/58 At the point in the game when you first find the Room of Requirements you will already have encountered 18/58 characters needed for this cup. There is no real effort needed to get this one as you will find all the characters just by playing the game and completing the tasks available. This cup however will not be finished until the end of the game when you have fought Voldermort. ——————— *7. Grand Master Cup* ——————— Beat all the wizard chess champions 3/3 For this cup there are three Chess Champions to be found and defeated around Hogwarts. You will have to play them in a certain order as some will not play you until you have defeated one of the others. They will all play the same rules and they are standard to a game of chess. I cannot really give you any tips on how to beat them all. There is however a way around debating them fairly. I got stuck here myself as I am not a chess player so I went looking through the forums on this site. I cannot remember the name of the person who posted this suggestion (so I cannot give credit unfortunately), but they said to find a site where you can play chess and mimic the game. To do this I used and set up a game against a computer player with them playing as white. Every time they moved I copied it on the game then when they in game player moved I copied that into the pc. With this method it was easy to beat all three players every time. I just wish I could beat them for real loll. 7.1 Start with the Gryffindor Champion who can be found in the Gryffindor Common Room. 7.2 The second opponent you need to take on is the Slytherin Champion who can be found in the Great Hall. 7.3 Finally, when you have defeated both of the other champions you may take on the Ravenclaw Champion in the Library. ———————– *8. Exploding Snap Cup* ———————– Beat all exploding snap champions 2/2 There are two Exploding Snap Champions around Hogwarts who must be beaten to earn this cup. You will know you have found them as you will hear their cards exploding nearby them. You will need to play two different styles of snap, one for each champion, to defeat them both. 8.1 The Gryffindor Champion can be found on the Third Floor near the portrait of Nearly Headless Nick. If you come from the Suspended Bridge end you will see her as soon as you step into the corridor. She will play the Classic Rules which means the cards will turn over one at a time. When two are turned one after the other that match, press the square button to call snap. If you call snap on a pair that dont match they will explode reducing the amount of matches you can make in a game. With each pair you match the speed at which they turn will increase. You must find six or more matches to beat this champion. 8.2 The Hufflepuff Champion can be found in the Fifth Floor corridor near the Clock Tower. If you enter from the Clock Tower you will see her half way down the passage. She will play the Patience Rules. This is played like a game of pairs. The cards will be laid out in front of you face down and you turn two at a time and try to find a match. When you have turned over though, you will only have a short amount of time to find its match before the card explodes so speed is a factor. Find five or more pairs and you will win. ———————— *9. Golden Gobstone Cup* ———————— Beat all Gobstones champions 4/4 This is by far the worst part of this game. There are three styles for playing Gobstones and two of them are easy enough but the third is awful! You need to beat each Champion in three games following their rules. 9.1 Ravenclaw Champion Clock Tower Courtyard Jack Stone Rules This game is easy enough and should not give you too many problems. Each player has four Gobstones and the Jack Gobstone is placed in the middle of the circle. The aim of the game is to have one of your Gobstones closest to the Jack than any other at the end of the game. As your opponent goes first the easiest thing to do is to try each time to knock his Gobstone away from the Jack. As hitting his one will slow your Gobstone down it will usually stop somewhere near the Jack. Beat him three times then you can move on. 9.2 Hufflepuff Champion Entrance Courtyard Traditional Rules This variation of Gobstones is awful. It may take some getting used to as precision is the key. The game begins with fifteen Gobstones in a circle in the middle of the playing field. You and your opponent will take it in turns to flick one of your Gobstones into the ring and try to knock one of the golden Gobstones out of the ring. You each play with only one Gobstone each and move it around the playing area each time you take a turn. If you knock a golden Gobstone out and your Gobstone follows though, they golden one you knocked out will go to your opponent. Persevere and try to be as accurate as you can. That, coupled with the fact that the Hufflepuff Champion is prone to making mistakes from time to time will help you win. Beat him three times. 9.3 Slytherin Champion Paved Courtyard Snake Pit Rules Like the Jack Stone rules this one is easy and applies pretty much the same playing theory. Instead of trying to get close to the Jack Stone, this time you need to get as close as you can to the hole in the middle without actually dropping down into it. I used the same method as I did for the Jack Stone rules and each time it was my turn I knocked my opponents ball out of the way. As theirs slowed mine down it was usually a fail safe way of preventing mine from dropping into the snake pit. You each get four Gobstones and whoevers is the closest at then end wins. 9.4 Gryffindor Champion Paved Courtyard One of Each When you have beaten all of the other three champions you can then challenge the Gryffindor champion. You will need to beat her in one game of each of the three rules. This means you need to beat her once playing the traditional rules, once playing the jack stone rules and once playing the snake pit rules. You can play her the same as you did the others using the same methods except when playing the traditional rules. You go first and she does not make mistakes like the Hufflepuff champion. To get a lead on her you will need to do one of two things. On your first turn deliberately miss the ring of Gobstones forcing her to break them up so you can be the first to get one out of the circle or be flash and try to knock two out at once. This is highly possible in your second move of the game. Aim for a group of two or more Gobstones side by side and hit them hard. If you aim right and dont leave the circle you can get two out at once. —————————- *10. Friend of the Year Cup* —————————- Find Lunas lost belongings 5/5 When you have defeated Lord Voldermort at he end of the game, Luna will be found in the Entrance Hall stood in front of the statue. Talk to her and she will tell you that she has lost her stuff and needs to get them back. To get this cup you need to find her missing belongings and give them back to her. 10.1 Great Hall This can be found on the first table on the left as you enter, about half way down. 10.2 Entrance Courtyard Use the broom to sweep away the leaves on the right hand side of the courtyard, (the side the boathouse is on) and you will find one of her things under a pile of leaves. 10.3 Viaduct Entrance Look on the floor next to the portrait. 10.4 Library This is in plain sight on the end of the table. 10.5 Clock Tower Courtyard As you come out of the portrait head straight into the courtyard and you will see it lying on the ground in front of the fountain. —————— *11. Smuggler Cup* —————— Find Fred and Georges hidden parcels around Hogwarts 12/12 Dotted around Hogwarts Fred and George have hidden a dozen packages, none of which they want to get into the hands of Filch or Umbridge. Find all twelve and you will win this cup. 11.1 Stone Circle Cast Depulso on the fern by the rock in the middle of the Stone Circle. 11.2 Stone Circle Cast Depulso on a fern that lays half way up the trail leading to the Owelry. 11.3 Hagrids Hut Cast Wingardium Leviosa on one of the pumpkins in the patch and place it on top of Hagrids hut on the chimney. When it gets blown off a package will drop out for you to pick up. 11.4 Hagrids Hut Cast Depulso on one of the ferns behind Hagrids Hut. 11.5 Hagrids Hut Cast Depulso on a second fern behind Hagrids Hut. 11.6 About halfway between Hagrids Hut and the Thestral clearing there is another fern on the trail. Cast Depulso on it to get another package. 11.7 Hagrids Hut Go to the Thestral clearing and cast Depulso on the fern near the bottom on the hill. 11.8 Owelry When you are helping Colin to mail the chocolates you need to climb around the outside of the Owelry. When you do you can touch a few owls but only one is needed for the cup. 11.9 Paved Courtyard When you are gathering the DA you will need to help Colin retrieve his camera from a high ledge. When you do this you will find a package on the second ledge up. 11.10 Boathouse At the bottom of the stairs leading from the Entrance Courtyard, turn and walk to the right hand side of the screen to find a package lying on the ground. 11.11 Boathouse – This one can be found lying on the ground halfway down the trail that leads from the Boathouse to the Paved Courtyard. 11.12 Library At the back of the first section to the Library is a large cabinet. Cast Depulso on it to move it aside then collect the package from the gap behind it. ———————– *12. Secret Statue Cup* ———————– Find the secret wizard chess statues of Hogwarts. 12/12 There are twelve statues taken from Wizard chess and hidden around the school. You will find them behind tapestries but not all the tapestries have a statue behind them. Use Depulso to move the curtain and see if there is more than just a wall behind it. If there is use Wingardium Leviosa to open the tapestry and you will find your statues. 12.1 Fourth Floor Coming from the Grand Staircase move down the corridor until you come to some windows on your left. Halfway along the window section there is a tapestry on the wall opposite. Cast Wingardium Leviosa to reveal the chess statue behind it. 12.2 Second Floor Near the Library the corridor bends twice. On one of those bends is a tapestry hiding a statue. 12.3 Second Floor Opposite the last tapestry is a spiral staircase. Go up it and go through the door at the top. Opposite you as you come out is another tapestry with another chess statue. 12. 4 Herbology Coming from the second floor corridor turn into the corridor at the bottom of the stairs and cast Wingardium Leviosa on the second tapestry on the left. 12.5 First Floor Coming from the Grand Staircase, go through the first corridor and into the one beyond it. In here cast Wingardium Leviosa on the first tapestry you come to on the left. 12.6 Second Floor Coming from the Stone Bridge, cast Wingardium Leviosa on the first tapestry on the left as you enter into the round part of the corridor. 12.7 Second Floor Follow the corridor round until you come to a section that has a long stretch of carpet. Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the tapestry on the left. 12.8 Second Floor Turn the corner and cast Wingardium Leviosa on the next tapestry on the left. 12.9 Go to the end of the corridor and cat Wingardium Leviosa on the last tapestry on the right before you reach the stairs. 12. 10 Dungeons Follow the corridor round until you are in the last room at the end. Turn to the right as you enter and cast Incendio on the cobwebs to reveal the statue. 12.11 Dungeon Corridor As you enter turn to the right and cast Incendio on the cobwebs concealing the statue. 12.12 Dungeon Corridor Walk to the end of the corridor and cast Incendio on the cobwebs there. ———————————— *13. Famous Witches and Wizards Cup* ———————————— Find the hidden wizard plaques around Hogwarts. 15/15 Hidden around Hogwarts there are fifteen plaques. Some of them are hidden behind stones on the wall and need you to cast Accio to remove the stones. You can then use the square button to look at the plaque. The others will need you to cast Incendio on the small candle below it before you can look at the plaque. 13.1 Dungeons As you enter go down the corridor a short way and you will see the plaque. Cast Incendio to light the candle then press the square button to examine the plaque. 13.2 Dungeons Go into the next corridor and you will see the plaque at the end near the room, with the Bloody Barons portrait in it. Light the candle then examine the plaque. 13.3 First Floor Enter from the Stone Bridge and follow the first corridor to the end where you can turn left into another corridor. Before you turn into the next one there are four bricks on the wall opposite you. They can be a bit hard to see as it is dark. Reveal the plaque then examine it. 13.4 First Floor Turn left into the next corridor and go to the end. Beside the door to the Grand Staircase is another plaque, light it then examine it. 13.5 Second Floor Enter the corridor from the Transfiguration Courtyard and turn to the right as soon as you enter. On the wall are four pale bricks, cast Accio on them then examine the plaque. 13.6 Second Floor – Follow the corridor and turn right at the junction. At the next turn you will see the plaque beside the door to Myrtles Bathroom. Light the candle and examine the plaque. 13.7 Herbology Near the portrait you can use as a short cut there, there is a plaque you can light then examine. 13.8 Herbology On the wall opposite the last one there are four pale bricks. Move them with Accio then examine the plaque beneath it. 13.9 Second Floor Stand with your back to the Library and look on the wall to the left. On that wall there are four pale bricks. Move them then examine the plaque. 13.10 Second Floor Continue down the corridor and turn left at the portrait. On your left is another plaque, light it then examine it. 13.11 Third Floor Enter from the Grand Staircase and go through the round room into the corridor. Halfway down the corridor you will see the plaque on the right. Light it then examine it. 13.12 Fourth Floor Enter from the Grand Staircase and look closely at the wall on the left as soon as you enter the corridor. Cast Accio on the four pale bricks then examine the plaque. 13.13 Fifth Floor Enter from the Grand Staircase and go through the round room. Step through the arch into the next corridor and turn to your right. Beside the arch you just came through are four pale bricks. Move them and examine the plaque underneath. 13.14 Fifth Floor – Move further down the corridor turn round the corner. You can find the plaque between to suits of armour. Light it then examine it. 13.15 Fifth Floor Go through the arch at the end of the corridor and turn to face the wall on your right. Cats Accio on the bricks and examine the plaque. ———————- *14. Nature Trail Cup* ———————- – Find all the rare creature tracks hidden in Hogwarts 3/3 These tracks can all be found around Hagrids Hut. 14.1 The first set of tracks belong to a Hippogriff and can be found at the end of the low wall that runs along side the pumpkin patch. 14.2 The second ones belong to Fang and are at the start of the trail leading from the hut to the Thestral clearing. 14.3 The last set are Thestral tracks and can be found half way down the trail from the hut to the Thestral clearing. —————— *15. Explorer Cup* —————— – Find all known areas of Hogwarts 100% This one is awarded to you once you have been in every room or area within Hogwarts grounds. If you have not gotten this cup by the end of the game, (which I know could surely not happen), then you need to look at your Marauders Map and visit each room on the list to the left of the main map page. ———————- *16. Architecture Cup* ———————- – Uncover all the h

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