Glossary of Divination Types Techniques


Divination by observing convulsions

Divination by interpreting the caul (the part of the placenta remaining on the head) at a babys birth.

Divination through the study of the hand, fingers, fingernails and palms.

Divination by using a spirit guide, different from necromancy in that the guide is not summoned

Divination through interpreting the smoke made by burning incense.

Divination by interpreting the tracks of a beetle.

Divination by examining the entrails of a sacrificed animal

: Interpreting the sound of thunder

Divination through the sound made by slapping a rose petal against the hand.

Divination by interpreting the behavior of insects

Divination through interpreting sacrificial cakes and breads.


Divination through interpreting the sounds or the ripples made by stones dropped into water.

Divination through observing birds (often roosters) pick through scattered grains and marking the cocks crow as letters from the alphabet. (e.g. the rooster pecks at three grains and crows, denoting the letter c)

Divination of the influence of the stars on birth.

Written communication with a spirit done unconsciously by a person in a trance or semi-conscious state.

Divination by interpreting burning or burned leaves or branches


Divination by using a deck of cards

Making contact with spirits or gods.

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Divination by interpreting a persons style of dress

Divination through the interpretation of a persons soul, i.e. values and beliefs. Soul Reading

Divination by interpreting excrement

Divination through interpretation of feet.

Divination through the interpretation of sacred waters such as springs, pools, wells, or fountains

Divination by placing straws on a hot iron and observing the resulting shapes.

Divination through interpreting objects or beings encountered in a chance meeting, for instance, a black cat crossing your path.

Divination by interpreting rising smoke

Divination through interpreting the fingernails.

Divination through interpreting the revolutions of a spinning bottle, top, or turning wheel.

Divination through interpretation of the ashes of burnt tree bark.

Divination through the interpretation of dreams


Below is an alphabetized list of some of the most common and the most popular divination types and techniques, each with a short definition. Italicized links are bookmarks. Bold Underlined links in the list lead to a longer article about that type of divination.

Divination by using a deck of Tarot Cards

Divination through pouring melted wax into water

Divination by shooting, tossing, or balancing an arrow.

Divination by accidentally seeing or hearing.

Hebrew numerology, usually interpreting Hebrew bible passages assigning numeric values to letters of the Hebrew Alphabet.


Divination through writing a question on a leaf and ascertaining the answer through how quickly the leaf dries.

Prediction of the future based on existing conditions.

Divination through interpreting the flames of three candles

Divination through observing the behavior of cats.

Certainly, dozens and quite possibly hundreds of methods of prediction fit into the category ofdivination. Since earliest times, humans have sought after signs to predict their future and guide them along the correct path.

Divination through interpretation of a footprint

Divining a persons character through interpreting the features of his/her face.

Divination through interpreting the movements of groups of animals.

Divination through the interpretation of the behavior of ants

Divination through interpretation of the behavior of mice and rats.

Divination through the interpretation of handwriting

Divination by interpreting animal excrement

Divination by walking or twirling around a circle marked with letters until dizzy and, using the letters at the point where the person falls or stumbles to spell out a prophecy

Divination by observing melting wax

Divination by interpreting the entrails of a human sacrifice.

Divination through the interpretation of moles on the body.

Divination by interpreting ashes, cinders, or soot

Divination by interpreting the marks or bumbs on the solar plexus (breast to belly).

Divination by observing the behavior of spiders


Also called second sight, the ability to interpret or foretell the unseen

Divination by observing objects placed in a fire


Divination through touching or handling an object

Divination through interpreting spilled salt.

Divination by interpreting burnt offerings or slaughtered animals.

Divination by interpretation of water, including its color, ripples, ebb and flow.

Divination by interpreting the sprouting behavior of onions

Divination by throwing an axe or hatchet and observing the direction of the handle or (sometimes with a saw) interpreting the quivering of the blade.

Divination through observing the iris of the eye.

Divination though interpretation of the appearance and behavior of animals

Divination through interpreting the shape of the first borns navel or the knots in the umbilical cord to determine how many children a woman will have in her lifetime


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Divination through interpreting wine.

Divination by interpreting the flame of a candle, torch, or lamp

Divination achieved through a trancelike state

Divination through interpreting the hissing sounds made by molten lead or tin dropped into water.

Divination through using dates and words turned to numbers (i.e. C=3), often birthdates and names.

Divination through interpreting random events or statements.

Divination by interpreting rainwater.

An Ancient Chinese type of divination to reveal patterns of change through deep introspection and intuitive thought.

Divination using crystals or semi-precious stones, either interpreting the light from them or by casting them and interpreting their placement as they fall.

using a rod to determine the location of water

A warning of a future event, typically an accident or disaster.

divining through using a key attached to a cord or string.

The term for divination by seeking a vision while gazing into a transparent, translucent, or otherwize reflective object.

Divination by observing the behavior of serpents

Divination through reading tea leaves, coffee grounds, or wine sediments

Divination through interpretation of the behavior, flight, and song of birds.

examining the liver of a sacrificial animal

Divination by examining the cracks in the burned shoulder bones of an animal

Divination by interpreting the holes in cheese or other types of coagulation

Divination by the positions of the planets, the sun and the moon

Divination through Michael Bertiauxs technique of converting words to numbers.

Divination through the psychic ability to see the future.

Divination by interpreting the behavior of horses.

Any form of paranormal sensing ability.


Divination by interpreting a burning laurel branch

Divination through dice, originally done with sheep bones.

Divination through interpreting atmospheric conditions, divided into several subtypes.

Divination by wheel ruts or tracks.


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Divination by interpreting a horoscope

Divination by interpreting the classical elements of wind, water, earth, or fire.

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: A vision or revelation of the future, typically provided by a deity.

Divination through messages written on paper and inserted into dough. (e.g. Fortune Cookies). Another method involves reading the residue left in a flour/water container.

Divination by interpreting the behavior or the entrails of fish.

Autography/Automatic Writing/Psychography:

Divination through using a pendulum or rod.

I Ching/Book of Changes/Chien Tung:

The Ancient Chinese art of placing objects, furnishings, and buildings to create an harmonious and healthy flow of chi (energy that flows around us and carries the life force).

Divination by observing and interpreting the face.

Divination with the use of a Ouija Board, a board printed with the alphabet and numbers and using a planchette to spell out messages.

Divination through interpretation of the sound or manner of laughter.

Divination through oracle or direct contact with God.

Divination by interpreting skin, bone, or excrement

Divination by randomly chosen passages in books, most often religious books.


Divination through reading and interpreting the lines and structure of the hand.

Divination of the appearance and phase of the moon.

Divination using a sieve suspended from shears or tongs.

Determining a guilty party by feeding him/her a loaf of barley bread. Those who experience indigestion are considered guilty.

Divination through interpreting the lines and wrinkles in the forehead

Divination through interpreting the structure of fractal patterns.

Divination by interpreting the lines and figures traced in the earth, either by reading the lines and figures in cast pebbles, dirt, or sand or interpretation of those already existing in the earths natural formations.

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