Lotus Tarot and Its Creator Alison Day

Alison is someone who has always had an interest in Tarot and psychic world. She has been reading Tarot since the age of 16 and since then has continued to develop her craft. Alison uses meditation to connect with the guiding voices of her intuition. When Alison focuses, her intuition grows stronger and the messages and images she receives become clearer and easier to understand.

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In addition to creating and running the Lotus Tarot site, Alison Day created her own Tarot cards called the Lotus Tarot deck. Although her deck is based on the Rider-Waite cards, Alison came up with her own meanings and interpretations for the cards.

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A responsibility comes with the Tarot and the practice of tarot reading must be treated with respect and humility. The majority of people consult the cards in a time of confusion or distress hence the need to deal with people and their feelings responsibly.

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The Tarot however should never be used as an emotional crutch which is sometimes very tempting to do, especially on the Internet. We limit the number of daily readings on this site and suggest that it is counterproductive to address the same issue or question with more than one reading. In actual fact it is always your first reading for any issue that will be the most appropriate.

I believe the secret to happiness is to be able to truly live in the moment and embrace it as though it was your last, with no regard or concern for the past or the future. I know how difficult that is to achieve for most of us and I hope that by sharing the insights and messages of these tarot readings I can evoke hope and courage in all of you.

How To Use Tarot For Your Relationships

Although Alisons interest in Tarot began as something fun to do with a friend, she quickly took to the art of Tarot. Over the years she has sharpened her skills and developed her own unique style of reading Tarot. Today, Alison is an internationally known Tarot reader, whose creativity and intuition allowed her to create her own Tarot deck and popular website.

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I believe Tarot is an ancient form of counselling rather than fortune telling. For me a reading captures the essence of the moment as experienced by the client, picking up on influences or lessons from their past and showing possibilities for the future.

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Here are some things Alison has to say about Tarot:

The Lotus Tarot website is a great way to dip your toes into the world of Tarot. With their free readings and Tarot resources, youre sure to find whatever it is you may be looking for.

Lotus Tarot ( is the free tarot reading website and Tarot database created by Alison Day. The Lotus Tarot site offers free online Tarot readings. Live chat and phone readings are also available from one of Lotus Tarots many in-house live readers. A free life path numerology calculator is also on the site. If you arent interested in receiving any type of reading Tarot or otherwise, Lotus Tarot offers a 12 week Tarot reading course. It is called the Pleasure of Tarot and claims to be a fun and easy way to learn to read Tarot. If you already have some knowledge about Tarot and are interested in exploring it further, Lotus Tarot has a large database of Tarot card meanings. When you go to explore the Tarot card meanings, you have the option to choose interpretations from one of several of Lotus Tarots in-house readers. If you arent interested in interpretations from one of the other readers, you can explore the Lotus Tarot meanings from Alison herself.

Your Future Revealed By These 3 Tarot Cards?

Love Reading: What the Tarot say about LOVE and YOU

If I was asked what do I hope to provide for each of my clients, I would answer clarity of mind and boldness of heart. For most of us it is our fear that causes the most distress, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of loneliness and so on; the Tarot can bring comfort and reassurance.

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Lotus Tarot and Its Creator Alison Day

As the Tarot Prophet, I have my own unique way of reading Tarot just like the creator of the Lotus Tarot.Request your no-strings attached 3-card reading from me today.Your personal reading will look into your past, present, and future and may reveal surprising truths you never knew.

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Which Tarot Card Are You? (You May Be Surprised)

Request your free 3-card Tarot reading here today.

Alison created the Lotus Tarot site to help guide people through troubled emotions and clouded thoughts. At her site, she and her in-house readers offer free Tarot resources because they understand that people might not have the opportunity to sit with a skilled Tarot reader or afford their services. Lotus Tarot is a place where people can find a little guidance when they need it or have access to information about Tarot. Although not all of their services are free, Lotus Tarot is a great place to go when you need a little pick me up.

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