More Divination Cards

The Cataclysm = 13 Cards = Corrupted Level 21 Spell Gem = Any Corrupted Vaal side areas

– 40 Wisdom Scrolls Card = Normal Archives

The Battle Born = 5 Cards = Any Unique Axe = Kaoms Dream and Kaoms Stronghold in Any Difficulty

The Gemcutter = 3 Cards = 1 x Gemcutters Prism = Normal The Mines Level 1 and 2

Emperors Luck = 5 Cards = Any 5 of the Same Currency = Normal and Cruel Imperial Gardens

The Chains that Bind = ? Cards = White Six-Link Body Armour = Location TBA

The Dragon = ? Cards = Unannounced Unique Item = Location TBA

– Any Unique Axe Card = Normal Kaoms Path

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Path of Exile hits gold in Summer Steam + is now the biggest ARPG subreddit

– 5 of Any Currency Card = Imperial Gardens, any difficulty

– Gemcutters Prism Card = Normal Crystal Veins, The Mines 1 and 2

– 20% Minion Gem Card = Cruel Fetid Pool Summoner, Cruel Prison Unique Summoner, Cruel Chamber of Sins, Cruel Fetid Pool Unique Summoner. People speculating that its any Summoner.

The Wind = ? Cards = Windripper = Location TBA

Path of Exile Fan Art Competition Highlights Part 2

– 20% Minion Gem Card = Unique Summoner in Cruel Fetid Pool

One of the most exciting additions to Path of Exile: The Awakening is the Divination Card system. The cards are a new type of item that drop in many areas of the game. Divination Cards allow players to systematically work their way to the acquisition of desirable items, without having to rely on random chance alone. Once enough cards are gathered through play or trade, they can be exchanged at the Act Four NPC Tasuni for a specific item. The rarity and power of the item received determines how many cards are required in trade. All Divination Cards appearing in The Awakening will be designed by players

The Hunger = 9 Cards = Taste of Hate = Location TBA

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The Doctor = 8 Cards = Headhunter = Location TBA

Lantadors Lost Love = 6 Cards = Rare unID Two-Stone Ring = Location TBA

The Gladiator = 5 Cards = Any Unique Nightmare Bascinet = Cruel Daressos Dream

– Corrupted Rare Amulet Card = Cruel Lower Prison, Cruel Upper Prison, Dungeon (68) Map

– White Prismatic Ring Card = Cruel Fetid Pool

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– Life Armor Card = Normal City of Sarn, Aqueducts, and Battlefront

The Warden = 4 Cards = Corrupted Rare Amulet = Cruel Upper and Lower Prison. Dungeon Map

The Feast = ? Cards = Corrupted Romiras Banquet = Location TBA

– Rise of The Phoenix Card = Normal Solaris Temple 1

Chaotic Disposition 1 Card = 5 Chaos Orb = Poorjoys Asylum

The Poet = 9 Cards = Corrupted Blood of Corruption = Normal Marketplace

All Divination Cards appearing in The Awakening will be designed by players. To start creating your own, purchase a Highgate Supporter Pack

The Sun = 7 Cards = Rise of the Phoenix = Normal Solaris Level 2

Birth of the Three = 3 Cards = The Goddess Bound = Location TBA

The Carrion Crow = 4 Cards = Life Armor = Normal City of Sarn, Sewer Waterway, and Battlefront. Cruel Western Forest

The Road to Power = 7 Cards = iLvl 100 Glyphic Roll on a One-Hand Weapon = Cruel Fellshrine

– Lifesprig Card = Cruel Wetlands and Northern Forest

– Gemcutters Prism Card = Normal The Mines 2

– Magic 1H Sword w/ Runic Roll Card = Cruel Fellshrine

The Dark Mage = 6 Cards = White Six-Link Staff = Cruel Chamber of Sins

– Corrupted Rare Amulet Card = The Prison

The Queens Tenacity = ? Cards = Atziris Acuity = Location TBA

– 6L White Staff Card = Chamber of Sins 1 and 2

The Metalsmiths Gift = 5 Cards = White Prismatic Ring = Normal, Cruel, and Merciless Fetid Pool and Mud Flats

The Lover = 2 Cards = Any Rare unID iLvl 79 Jewelry = Necropolis Map

Build of the Week S9E2: DreamScythes Explosive Embrace

The Hoarder = 12 Cards = 1 x Exalted Orb = Location TBA

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Hope = 5 Cards = Corrupted Any Unique Prismatic Ring = Location TBA

– The magic 1H Sword Card with Glyphic roll has been changed to a Runic roll (75 to 79% Physical Damage)

– The Magic 1H Sword w/ Runic Roll is actually not a sword and not a phys damage roll. I assumed wrong. That card is a Magic 1H with a Runic (T1) Spell Damage roll. So when you turn in it, you can get a Dagger, Wand, or Sceptre that is of magic rarity and has a T1 Spell Dmg roll.

The Summoner = 6 Cards = Any 20% Minion Gem = Cruel Fetid Pool, Lower Prison, and Chamber of Sins. Merciless Lower Prison, Upper Prison, Crypt Level 2, Cowards Trial, Dungeon Map

– Corrupted Blood of Corruption Card = Normal Marketplace

The Pack Leader = ? Cards = Alphas Howl = Location TBA

The Scholar = 3 Cards = 40 x Scroll of Wisdom = Normal Archives. Cruel Library

The Brittle Emperor = 8 Cards = Corrupted Volls Devotion =Merciless Dried Lake

The Scarred Meadow = 9 Cards = Wake of Destruction = Old Fields

– 5 of Any Currency Card = Normal Imperial Gardens

– Wake of Desctruction Card = Old Fields

– Corrupted Volls Devotion Card = Merciless Dried Lake

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Vinias Token = 5 Cards = 10 x Orb of Regret = Lunaris Temple, Temple Map

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30 Cards so far. Only 120ish to go lol.

The Key = ? Cards = Item TBA = Location TBA

The Hermit = 9 Cards = Lifesprig = Cruel Riverways, Western Forest, Fellshrine, Broken Bridge, and Old Fields. Merciless Fellshrine and Wetlands

The Drunken Aristocrat = 8 Cards = Divination Distillate = Sceptre of God

Three Faces in the Dark = 5 Cards = 3 x Chaos Orb = Normal and Cruel Warehouse District

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