Paul Cox Prayer to Dismantle the Roots of Rebellion

I choose to walk only according to the grace and anointing God has given to me.

Here are also some insightful resources by Paul Cox that would take you further toward understandings of the warfare we are in:

I repent for all envy and jealousy of the mind, physical bodies, and personalities of others.

I will share with Gods people who are in need. I will practice hospitality. I will bless those who persecute me. I will rejoice with those who rejoice and will mourn with those who mourn. I will live in harmony with other Believers.

This prayer is based on Genesis 2, Deuteronomy 4:15-20, I Samuel 15:23, Psalm 18, Ezekiel 8:1-6, John 17, Romans 12:3,10-19, Romans 13, Ephesians 1:22, Ephesians 4:12-13.

Lord, I now take back any godly anointing, energy, authority, finances, and health given away and perverted because of my sin and my ancestors sin.

Lord, will You set me as a seal upon Your heart, and as a seal upon Your arm, for Your Love is stronger than death.

Lord, please break the cords of death that entangle me, the torrents of destruction that overwhelm me, the cords of Sheol that are coiled around me, and the snares of death that confront me.

I was ministering to a person and felt impressed to place my hand just off the left ear. I was surprised to feel anointing, but really surprised when I moved my hand a little further away from the ear, I could discern witchcraft. And then, I suddenly had the revelation from the Lord.In generational rebellion, we give the enemy the right to take anointing off of us and when that happens, that anointing is transformed into witchcraft. That witchcraft is then sent against us! Witchcraft really is the same as rebellion!

Lord, please now remove all ungodly spiritual beings and devices that have been empowered by my idolatry, rebellion, and jealousy and the idolatry, rebellion and jealousy of my ancestors.

A full day of discussion had taken place. The prayer was written and we prayed the prayer. I waited to see a difference, but there was no change. Had we missed the mark? As I went to bed that night, the ringing was still continuing. Could I live like this? As I escaped my sleep the next morning, I was aware there was something different. There was no more ringing. The prayer had worked!

The New Bible Dictionary defines this Biblical word divination asthe attempt to discern events that are distant in time or space, and that consequently cannot be perceived by normal means. It is possible that the word can have a righteous sense as one might speak of a prophet having clairvoyant gifts without thereby approving all forms of clairvoyance. Except in these rare contexts, divination and witchcraft are strictly condemned by Scripture.

Just like Paul Cox, I too have learned that there can or often is a gap in time between our prayers of repentance and the moment we experience the healing we seek or the relief from a given spiritual battle. Now, be edified by this teaching and prayer by Paul and his team. I find its often helpful to read a prayer out loud.

I choose to owe no one anything, but to love one another.

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I choose to be devoted to one another in brotherly love and to honor one another above myself.

This seminar provides Biblical support for the ministry of helping to liberate persons from generational bondage.

HydromancyHydromancy was seeing divination pictures in water. Genesis 44:5, 15

I will not be proud, but I will associate with people of low position. I will not be conceited. I will not repay evil for evil. I will have regard for the good things in sight of all men. I will live at peace with everyone. I will not take revenge on others.

Magic and divination are an attempt to find out information from superhuman powers. More precisely, magic is used to compel a god to do what one wishes and divination is used to secure information about issues and events that are not readily known to the person who practices this art. The word magic is derived from the word magus, a priestly class in ancient Persia. In magic, it is believed that one can get in touch with the gods and these gods can be influenced to bring benefit to the magician or diviner.

It was clear that I had to understand the nature of witchcraft. By definition, witchcraft or divination isthe art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers. The word is first used in the Bible inGenesis 44:5, when Joseph sent his steward to retrieve the cup Joseph had planted in Benjamins sack. The steward is told to say to Josephs brothers that the cup was used for divination.

In a remarkable passage, Samuel expands our understanding of witchcraft. Saul once again was disobedient to the will of the Lord. Because Saul has not obeyed the Lord in eliminating all of the sheep, Samuel has some words to say to Saul!

I was in the air on an American Airlines flight, again. I was traveling home from a ministry trip to Germany and Switzerland, and my ears were ringing. I wondered if I was suffering from an inner ear medical condition called Tinnitus. The ringing did not stop after I arrived home. Day after day the ringing continued. Night time seemed the worst. Sleep would arrive but delayed by the constant sound.

Has the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed than the fat of rams. For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft…1 Samuel 15:22-23

Lord, will You please disconnect me from any evil network and I break all ungodly ties between the abode of the enemy and myself.

School of Ministry II: Advanced Discernment Training and Exploration

I declare that You Lord Jesus Christ is the head and He is Lord over all.

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I repent for any worship of myself and any need of personal recognition.

Paul Cox, not unlike other great prophetic teachers, has learned to write out special prayers (he does this in teams of Believers he assembles) that are based solely on Scripture. God will be training us until the story is over, so there will always be something new to learn. On a personal level, Ive found Paul Cox to be highly discerning and spiritually sensitive to things. And yet Ive watched Paul with each passing year learn new things about the warfare we face daily. He and I speak often on the phone and I want to vouch for his humility and kindnessand also his gift.

I choose to walk in unity with my brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Further revelation was to come. After showing many different schools what the Lord had shown me, I thought,If indeed someone is stealing anointing from us and shifting it into witchcraft, then who is that someone?As I felt under the flow of witchcraft, I was surprised that indeed I did feel something. As I felt the spiritual outline of that entity, I realized it was a spiritual force.

On the fortieth day of ringing, I was in Deland, Florida, training a small group in a local church. I shared my frustration with the ringing and begged for any insight to alleviate the unending assault of noise. Some in the group shared how they had prayed against a witchcraft stronghold in a nearby town. As we compared notes, we were astonished to realize that their prayer confrontation was the same day that the ringing in my ears had begun. It was then that I counted the days of ringing and it had been exactly forty days.

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Please read this instruction carefully. Note that when Paul Cox speaks of the ringing of the ears, he knows and states that there is clearly a distinction between a medical condition and actual witchcraft that is referred to in this story. So just because you have ringing in your ears, it does not mean that witchcraft is sent against youbut it COULD potentially mean that. Either way, you should learn by this teaching and his experience, and since the prayer is based on Scripture, you can read a prayer of repentance such as this one (of many Paul and his team have written), and who knows what you might discover?

There will be specific teachings on the nature of the enemy that wages war against us, how we can know if there are generational issues in our lives, how to gain victory over areas in our lives that continue to burden us, and how to walk with victory in Christ. Careful attention is given to the subject of whether or not a Christian can be demonized. And great care is also given to keep the seminar on a very practical level.

So, witchcraft is the same as rebellion. But how? Rebellion is opposition to one in authority. The Hebrew word mriy is derived from the word marah meaningto be contentious, be rebellious, be refractory, be disobedient towards, be rebellious against.The word is most used in terms of rebellion against the ways commanded by God. What, then, is the connection between witchcraft and rebellion? Over the years, I have read several explanations of why witchcraft is the same as rebellion. Frankly, the explanations, although interesting, have not been satisfying. The Lord was about to show us something new.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I repent for all generational idolatry.

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I choose to follow Christ, living a life of love, preferring others above myself.

I repent for all personal and generational rebellion, stubbornness, and disobedience that has contributed to witchcraft in my life and in my generational line.

It is my belief that these beings are in some way inter dimensional because Scripture tells us that they war in heavenly places.I sense these fallen spiritual forces pervert the anointing of the Lord, corrupting that anointing and changing it into witchcraft.

8am to 4pm (Pacific Time) Monday-Friday

I repent for all envy and jealousy of the spiritual giftings and capacities of others.

Biblical Basis for Spiritual Conflict teaching set:

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AstrologyAstrology was making predictions based on the position of the sun, moon, and planets in relation to the zodiac and to the positions to one another.

Prayer to Remove the Roots of Rebellion

It is now over twenty years ago that the Lord first planted the seed in my mind for my original book,Sacrifice the Pastor. As a Baptist pastor, I had noticed a tendency of individuals telling me confidential issues of their lives and then within a few months, they either turned against me or left the church. I realized that in some way I had become the sacrifice for their sins, rather than the Lord Jesus…. (more)

Lord, please remove the generational tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Revelation began flowing! A stark realization occurred. I was actually hearing witchcraft. The ringing in my ears was witchcraft! That revelation began to lead to understanding.It was time to construct a prayer.

RhabdomancySticks or arrows thrown into the air and omens were deduced from their position when they fell. Hosea 4:12, Ezekiel 21:21.

I repent for myself and for those in my generational line who did not guard the gates of the spiritual and physical senses.

Divination can be divided into two categories,internal and mechanical. The internal would consist of a trance like state of a shaman. The mechanical nature of witchcraft would include material objects like such as sand, entrails of a sacrifice, or tea-leaves. The Bible mentions several types of witchcraft or divination.

Spiritual forces are mentioned inEphesians 6:12:For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.

I choose to yield and surrender my personal rights so that I might serve the Lord wholeheartedly.

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I choose to cast off the work of darkness and to put on the armor of Light, the Lord Jesus Christ, and to make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lust.

TeraphimImages of dead ancestors were used to predict the future, which is a form of spiritualism. 1 Samuel 15:23, Ezekiel 21:21; Zechariah 10:2.

NecromancyNecromancy is getting information from the dead. Deuteronomy 18:11, Leviticus 19:31, 20:6, 1 Samuel 28:8, 2 Kings 21:6, 1 Chronicles 10:13, and Isaiah 8:1920.

I will never be lacking in zeal, but will keep my spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. I will be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.

I repent for choosing my will above the will of the Lord.

School of Ministry I: Discernment Training and Generational Deliverance

HepatoscopyExamination of the liver or other entrails of a sacrifice were supposed to give guidance. Probably shapes and markings were classified, and the priest interpreted them. Ezekiel. 21:21.

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