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The pendulum pointed towards the Muggle again.

The locations were plenty. Soon they had fifteen more possible locations and four blatant positive targets and by the time the list was over Mycrofts tea was cold.

Am I a Muggle? the green eyed man asked and this time the pendulum moved to point at Mycroft, a clear No direction. Proof enough?

You claim that it works, Mycroft said. Knowing your history I believe divination is of some importance but choice is always a factor.

What if Mycrofts name confused assistant was male? Harry Potter tries to shed his name and his past, taking a rare offer of anonymity while still getting to play the hero.

The wizard posed the question and this time the pendulum wavered, moving from Mycroft to his assistant and not settling.

Start on the locations, Mycroft told him. Ill read the list, you pose the question.

57. Mercury, Artemis, Hades and Apollo

But? the owner of Grimmauld Number 12 asked.

Mycroft nodded. We had the when and now we have the where as close to it as we can have considering. What I need now is the who. And when I have tangible suspects then I can act, he said. Patterson compiled a file and distributed the profiles of possible suspects to the usual people. Most of them check out so far.

When it comes to prophecies, that is the case, the wizard agreed. You need proof to believe in this method. I can easily test it, all part of the calibration. He held the pendulum up from the free end of the chain, watched it dangle down till it stopped. When it points to you, the answer is a No but when it is pointed in my direction the answer is a Yes.

Best the confrontation happens at his apartment, more privacy that way.

I dont always visit personally, sometimes I delegate, Mycroft pointedly looked at his assistant.

13. Ms Cowel and Mister Patterson Notice

unleash your imagination

Theyve got a lot to choose from, Mycroft said and carried on with the list.

Is the Wellington Arch a target for a terrorist hit within the next ten days? the wizard asked. The question was more complex than the test questions but the pendulum shifted from its vertical spot, pointing towards Mycroft.

Crystal balls, tarot cards, numerology, pendulum divination, the Celtic Ogham, Lithomancy, Norse Runes, the Sight are only some of the possible ways to see beyond what your physical eyes are capable of seeing. There are various veils that separate our world into realms. Wizards used one such veil to separate themselves from the non-magicals. That is a space veil. Divination methods try to tamper with time veils and the death veil. Some methods need a natural gift; others just need magically enhanced tools. I was never talented in popular divination methods and never even considered learning until a friend of mine won over a bet and had me try out three methods of divination I was never taught at school. One is Full Moon Water Scrying but full moon wont be for another twenty days and that method is vague and uses feelings and impressions and very, very rarely clear pictures of my objective. Its used to see the future. Then theres Lithomancy, sometimes coupled with rune symbols, sometimes without them. Modern Lithomancy deviates from old techniques. Thirteen stones tossed on a board and used to predict the future and sometimes the past, according to the direction they scatter, how they fall and settle, what they represent. This method is a tad too vague for our needs now.

Not gloating Mycroft, just explaining the process. Unlike you and your brother my brain does not leap from clues to conclusions on a whim and your knowledge on magical matters is almost non-existent, the green eyed wizard said.

The pendulum was negative and the list continued, crossing out location after location. All of Londons popular museums got the all clear, the London Zoo as well.

You are being a comedian now? Hurry it up.

107. A little something with coffee

A soft exhale and the motion of a pen crossing out the name.

A pendulum is a simple method really and ideal for yes or no questions. Muggles trying to play wizards use them, charlatans too. But for wizards like me, he grinned. I made the crystal on my own. Its like intro to Alchemy for preschoolers. The chain was in one of my vaults. Unlike normal crystals it does not charge in the moonlight but needs a drop of blood every six months.

Apart from your own? the wizard asked, catching up.

57. Mercury, Artemis, Hades and Apollo

But I want definite answers and proof. And for that I need a very sharp mind.

Mycroft carefully set his tea down on the table. The presentation was far from over.

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Mycroft arched an eyebrow, a get to the point expression.

The wizard nodded. Am I a wizard? he asked and the pendulum swayed to his side, indicating Yes.

The wizard sighed. Ill track down Sherlock.

13. Ms Cowel and Mister Patterson Notice

107. A little something with coffee

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Just get to the point. No need to gloat.

His assistant nodded. You can start.

This one is a maybe, I think, the green eyed man said. Theyve yet to make up their minds.

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