Path of Exile Bestiary League Now Live Lets You Catch Monsters

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Update 3.2.0 for Path of Exile is finally out, and it brings the Bestiary league with it. Its basically Pokemon being brought into Path of Exile. If that sounds like your kind of things, theres nothing stopping you from jumping into the game and capturing all kinds of monsters. Youll even get some rewards for doing so, along with new crafting options, and a storyline about hunting and traveling to the Spirit Lands.

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Finally, theres a bunch of new fated uniques, some new skill gems, more divination cards, a complete rebalance of the available ascendancies, and more.

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Youll track your progress in the bestiary, a book you get from Einhar. It will show you the names of the animals, as well as how many you need to catch before your knowledge is deemed sufficient. Once youve caught a beast, you can keep it in your menagerie, or sacrifice it at the blood altar. The latter allow you to craft powerful new items.

Path of Exile Bestiary League Now Live, Lets You Catch Monsters

Your new adventure will begin when you meet Einhar Frey, a hunter that will pass down his knowledge of hunting, capturing and sacrificing beasts in order to get magical items. Beastcrafting, they call it. Youll be able to catch pretty much anything you find roaming the wilderness. As you advance, youll start looking for the most powerful and rare enemies you can find.

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You can also craft portals which will take you to the Spirit Land, where youll hunt the four Spirit Beasts. Each of them will drop a piece of Craiceanns armor, a fancy new outfit. The difficult fights dont stop there. Youll also have to face the Uber Elder, who has managed to gain control of the Shaper. Youll find them at the centre of Atlas of Worlds.

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