Made from blessed water, a cleansing potion performs the following functions. It cures dazzled, fatigued, sickened, shaken, staggered, lessens exhausted to fatigued, lessens frightened to shaken, lessens nauseated to sickened, lessens panicked to frightened, and heals 1d4 points of ability damage to one ability score of the drinkers choice. If the status conditions healed or lessened are part of an ongoing effect, it only suppresses or reduces the effect for 1 round.

Brew Potion, Life sphere, Revitalize, Regeneration; Cost 750 gp

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The most common of healing items, this simple vial full of enchanted water tends to be the main tool of low-level adventurers trying to stave off death. A single potion heals 1d8+1 hit points.

This oil may be applied to a weapon as a poison. If used to successfully strike a creature before 1 round passes, the weapon explodes with a burst of lightning, dealing an additional 5d6 electricity damage to the target. If a weapon coated in this oil is used to attack a target made from metal or wearing metal armor, the attack is made with a +3 bonus.

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This seed (harvested from a dryads tree) is attuned to the forces of life, and if carefully prepared and planted inside the heart of a creature that died within 24 hours, can even return them to life. The seed quickly grows into a tree that consumes the targets body, but produces a large seed pod after 24 hours that produces a complete copy of that body, returned to life (if the targets soul is willing to return). A body returned to life in this fashion suffers no negative levels, but is inflicted with weakness as their body returns to normal; they gain the sickened condition for 1 week which nothing, not even magic, can remove. A target can be returned to life only once with a seed of life; if a second seed is used on the same creature, the second, plant-born body cannot fully nourish a tree of life, causing the seed to die. This restriction ends after 1 year.

Brew Potion, Mind Sphere; Cost 2,000 gp

Typically found in red mason jars and not to be used by the squeamish, this combination of trolls blood, root of a living tree, and several other alchemical reagents is a powerful salve when used correctly. When applied on the target, trolls claret grants the target fast healing 1 for 10 minutes, and they are healed of all broken bones, severed body parts (fingers, toes, hands, feet, arms, legs, tails, or even heads of multi-headed creatures), and ruined organs. This also restores sight, hearing, and other permanent loss of senses. If body parts to be reattached are not present, they require 2d10 rounds to regrow. This cannot bring a creature back from the dead nor function on a creature that is already dead.

Brew Potion, Life sphere, creator must be a halfling; Cost 50 gp

Slotnone;Price125 gpWeight1/2lb.

As a standard action, you may make a ranged touch attack against a square within 30 ft. All visible living creatures within 10 ft of the affected area have their afflictions and wounds glow as if under the effects of Divine Life for 1 round and they stabilize if dying. Alternatively, you may choose to pour the dust over a single living creature, if you do, the effects of the dust linger for 1 minute, granting fast healing 1 for the duration.

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Brew Potion, Mind Sphere; Cost 500 gp

This silvery dust which is normally kept in small black velvet pouches are most often used by wizards and inquisitors. While wizards use this powder on guild applicants before allowing apprenticeship, inquisitors utilize this item as evidence, misleading or not, of witchcraft. As a standard action, you may make a ranged touch attack against a square within 30 ft. All visible creatures within 10 ft of the affected area radiate as if under the effects of Detect Spellcaster for 1 round. Alternatively, you may choose to pour the powder on an immobilized target; if you do the effects of Detect Spellcaster will continue to linger for 1 minute before fading away.

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Brew Potion, Life sphere, Greater Restore; Cost 100 gp

This gemstone glows faintly with ethereal light. It is made of pure magic, which reacts violently with anti-magical effects. When brought into a spell ward, antimagic field or similar effect, it immediately evaporates, and its energy fills the void the effect creates. No damage is done, but the effect is destroyed, or suppressed for 1d4 minutes if it is a permanent effect or a magic item. The gem does not need to be deliberately used – a character need merely have it in their possession and enter a magic suppressing field for it to function. A character with multiple gemstones will find that they all evaporate upon entering a field. The exception is extra-dimensional spaces – a light of true magic in a bag of holding will not activate if the bag is brought into an antimagic field or similar, as it is not truly in the field.

Brew Potion, Protection sphere; Cost 1,250 gp

Brew Potion, Destruction Sphere, Cost 350 gp

A sticky concoctions of colloidal silver, wolfsbane, and cold iron, vials of form breaker oil may be thrown as splash weapons. You may made an MSB check with an MSB of +5 to dispel any Alteration sphere or polymorph effects on affected creatures. A creature that sustain a direct hit and has an effect dispelled cannot be affected by polymorph effects for 5 rounds or until it spends a standard action scraping the residue off. Stronger version of this potion may be made with higher MSB.

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Brew Potion, Divination sphere, Detect Spellcaster; Cost 25 gp

Originally passed off as nothing more than snake oil due to its difficulty in use, this small bottle of seven secret ingredients has life-saving properties. Once imbibed, it restores 1d8+2 hit points. If poured down the throat of a creature that has died in the previous round, it restores the same number of hit points, and if the targets new hit point total is greater than the negative of its Constitution score, then it comes back to life and stabilizes at its new hit point total. Otherwise, the creature remains dead. Creatures brought back to life in this manner gain a temporary negative level.

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Slotwondrous;Price200 gp;Weight.1 pounds

This vial contains a fiery red liquid that bubbles in its container. When a creature drinks fire poison (either willingly or when eating or drinking something secretly containing the potion), they suffer 7d6 fire damage and catch fire, suffering 1d6 damage per round until the fire is extinguished. A successful Fortitude save (DC 13) halves the damage and stops the target from catching fire.

Slotnone;Price1,000 gp;Weight.5 lbs.

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Brew Potion, Alteration Sphere, Cost 375 gp

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Slotwondrous;Price2,500 gp;Weight.1 pounds

Brew Potion, Life sphere, creator must have 5 ranks in Knowledge (Nature); Cost 2,500 gp

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This potion causes any creature who drinks it to fall madly in love with the first creature he or she perceives. The drinkers attitude toward that creature becomes helpful. If a romantic attraction is possible toward the first person viewed, the drinker falls in love with that person. Otherwise, the drinkers love is a platonic adoration. The effects of this potion are permanent unless removed by the counterspell feat, the break enchantment talent, or through some similar means.

This liquid has a barely visible pink hue when held to the light, and smells like earth after rainfall. The drinker of this potion gains the benefit of the deathless aegis for 2 hours.

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Brew Potion, Form-Breaker mystic combat or Counterspell feat; Cost 75 gp

Brew Potion, Life sphere, Resuscitate; Cost 100 gp

Brew Potion, Protection sphere; Cost 25 gp

The formula for this varies wildly, as it has been discovered and rediscovered numerous times over the years. Drinking this can heal many conditions, provided those conditions have not been allowed to linger for more than a 24 hours. It heals confused, dazed, dazzled, exhausted, fatigued, frightened, nauseated, panicked, shaken, sickened, staggered, stunned, all lost senses, and all ability damage, ability drain, and temporary negative levels.

This potion fills the drinker with an overwhelming sense of power, wiping away their ability to feel fear and filling them with confidence. The drinker gains a +2 morale bonus to attack rolls, ability checks, skill checks, and saving throws. In addition, the target gains immunity to fear and 5 temporary hit points. These benefits last 5 minutes after drinking.

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Brew Potion, Destruction Sphere; Cost 375 gp

Brew Potion, Divination sphere, Life sphere; Cost 25 gp

Brew Potion, Life sphere; Cost 25 gp

Brew Potion, Protection sphere; Cost 100 gp

Brew Potion, Protection sphere and the ward created; Cost 100 gp

Made from blessed water touched by a feather from an angelic being, this potion cures the same effects as the cleansing potion as well as completely removing the exhausted, frightened, nauseated and panicked conditions. This also heals all ability damage and the stunned condition. If the status conditions healed are part of an ongoing effect, it only suppresses the effect for 2 rounds.

This potion transforms the drinker into a ferocious monster, granting them a bite attack and 2 claw attacks for 5 minutes.

Brew Potion, Life sphere; Cost 250 gp

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Brew Potion, Life sphere; Cost 25 gp

This bread is originally an invention of halflings who made it with love. Halfling love turned out to be a powerful combination of fermented herbs. A single slice of this bread is enough to grant the eater fast healing 1 for 2 minutes, and counts as a full meal for anyone that eats it.

This small, glass-like sphere can be thrown as an improvised weapon, but the target of its effect is always the environment, not whomever might be present when it breaks. Once broken, it creates a ward, chosen at the time of creation. The ward has a duration of 2 minutes.

Slotnone;Price4,000 gp;Weight.5 lbs.

This off-white creamy fluid smells like flowers and has a slightly sweet taste. When imbibed, the potion gives the drinker a +1 deflection bonus to their AC for 1 hour.

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