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Now and always,The Trusted Content Your Research Requires.

alma furtadu soul stolen, a disease the Papel learned about from the Balanta badjuda unmarried girl baloba kapok tree where an ancestral spirit has settled balobeiru a male or female diviner or religious specialist capable of communicating with God bianda boiled rice bombolom slit-gong drum bota sorte divination, perform a divination defuntu an ancestral spirit, a dead person Deus God djakassi mix up, a disease combined with sorcery djambakus a male or female diviner, healer, or a religious specialist who collaborates with a spirit, diviner, healer djintis di prassa comes from a town or city, urban djintis di tabanka from a village djongagu soul oracle, a ceremony performed as part of a funeral to identify the cause of death djorson lineage doensa di limria di matu animal diseases, a group of child diseases that all have their names derived from animals dona grandmother, mother-in-law, or any closely related elderly woman dona kasa senior wife, first wife donu owner, chief es mundu this world fanadu initiation ceremony for males fetiseru sorcerer fidju di kasa son of the house, son who has not inherited iran spirit that can heal or kill with sorcery 201 Glossary kana distillate alcohol kansar Godly ordeal, divination instrument katandeira girl who has been given to a baloba in return for ritual services to prevent child deaths lava gemio washing ceremony for twins lava lua /olha lua wash moon, see moon, menstruate lei di prumedu the original law madrassa mothers co-wife maf sauce eaten with boiled rice mal feitu sorcery, bad work mala box mandjuandade age group mesinhu di branku white mans medicine mesinhu di terra local medicine mufunesa misfortune caused by an intentional agent, state of ritual danger neto daughter-in-law, son-in-law, grandchild pano textile, cloth, funeral shroud passa prasu to be passed fertile age, menopause pauteiru clairvoyant pekadur human being pontada disease that the Papel have learned about from the Balanta ronia iran ceremony a woman or a man must perform to become djambakus semana sagradu womens marriage ceremony, holy week tabanka village tchon land, territory tchuru funeral, weeping tempu di fomi famine time toca tchur beating-the-drum ceremony, which helps a deceased person enter the other world tokadur slit-gong drummer torna boka to pay back what is promised in a ritual contract uso tradition, custom utru mundu the other world, afterlife visti mindjer to marry a woman 202 Glossary …

Tired of Weeping: Mother Love, Child Death, and Poverty in Guinea-Bissau

2715 North Charles StreetBaltimore, Maryland, USA 21218

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