Fastest skill to train, not to acquire the fragments.

I made the fishing outfit at level 90.. how is thieving faster if you consider 104 to be a lower level to make them all?

Thanks! So when Im collecting Energy, I shouldnt covert to experience I should just convert to energy because I would just be getting the same amount of fragments if I was converting To exp?

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And to add to that, I think you get them at a higher rate at higher levels (99 and 120), similar to the other outfits.

Thieving is inexplicably a base of ~50/5 min for some reason despite being the fastest skill. I finally finished my set at 104 thieving, despite not even using the fastest methods.

Every 5 minutes when you get any amount of div xp youll get about 100 fragments. Disclaimer: This is from memory and based on other skills (excluding thieving)

Odd. Ive only managed to get fragments twice, totalling me at 308 fragments. Been doing div for over 45 minutes.

as a side question, does the weaving give fragments (using the energy for porters for example)

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Does the amount of div exp I earn affect how many or how frequent the fragments I earn. Like If I earn 150 exp vs 1 exp will I still get the same amount or frequency? I dont know how to word this properly sorry

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Yep, when div xp is earned by doing div tasks, every few minutes you get a random amount of div outfit pieces. Same as every other elite outfit.

You can do either and will get the same amount of fragments. You just have to pick if you want more xp or more money, and do xp/energy accordingly.

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