The Best and The Most Expensive Path of Exile Items

, with estimated price for the original pair at

Corpse Barbon the other hand is the best spell casters wand in PoE.

Legacy Kaoms Heartis the best single defensive item in the game. It will provide at least 2000 additional Maximum Life in any average Life-oriented build. This number can easily reach over 3000 increased Maximum Life with certain builds and therefor is undisputably the best for the job. Legacy variant of Kaoms Heart will cost around500 Exalted Orbswhich is one of the highest prices for any unique item in Path of Exile – we rather not estimate a price on corrupted Legacy Kaoms with +1 Increased maximum resistances 🙂

Price for the original item: est.1000-1500 Exalted Orbs- the dagger have recently changed owners, and while the final price was not disclosed to public, it was hinted that it was way over 1 full inventory of Exalted Orbs, with eventually several Mirrors of Kalandra involved in the trade.

Chancing a Leather belt on a Nemesis mod map

The Best and The Most Expensive Path of Exile Items

Price for the original item: est.800-1200 Exalted Orbs

Price for the original item: est.1500-2500 Exalted Orbs

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Headhunter- its the most expensive non-legacy unique item in Path of Exile(putting corrupted and perfectly rolled items aside). It carries the best single-affix buff in the entire game, allowing players to gain slain monsters mods for 20 seconds. This power set its starting price to around70 Exalted Orbs. Headhunter was a Nemesis league exclusive item, but there are still several available ways to obtain it:

and the original piece value of around

Price for the original item: est.3000-4000 Exalted Orbs

– this are the most expensive unique gloves in PoE. They can be only dropped by Atziri, Queen of the Vaal in the Alluring Abyss (the level 80 area) – sometimes referred to as the Uber Atziri. This is the Best in Slot (BiS) item for a lot of Assassin and Crit builds. It provides the extremely useful buff to Life and Mana Leech, which is applied instantly on Critical hits. On top of that the gloves give good bonus to the Crit. chance itself, as well as grant decent Life and Int. bonus. Atziris Acuity price currently starts at around

carries the top 1 spot in terms of one handed weapon raw dps. This made the mirrored copy sell at around 240-250 Exalted Orbs, with estimated price for the original at

– currently available version of the Kaoms Heart armour is pretty much the most popular unique at the moment. Because of the 3.0s changes to Energy Shield, most of the popular end-game builds are based on Life, with Kaoms Heart being a core item for majority of them. Even with halving the Life bonus, it still remains the best single survivability boosting item in game. It also provides a decent Fire damage bonus. This overall makes this armor piece worth around

is the 1 Physical dps bow in the entire game. Becaues of high demand, and its incredible dps and critical strike bonuses the price for mirrored copies is around

is the number 1 Spell Casters Dagger in Path of Exile. It is offered for an astrnomical price of

, up to nearly 20 for a good rolled ones.

Price for mirrored copy:275 Exalted Orbs

Legacy items are extremely expensive because they no longer drop in game. Only their new (in this case inferior, but still powerful) version is available. There are only 2 ways to get a Legacy item at the moment:

Pain Sunderis has the highest dps weapon in Path of Exile.

Price for mirrored copy:255 Exalted Orbs

This are an amazing example of top tier dps gloves.

with its mirrored copies offered at

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Vengeance Collaris the most expensive physical dps amulet in PoE.

Find out what are the best and the most expensive Path of Exile items. We present two separate lists for rares and uniques

, while not carrying the highest paper dps is possibly the most expensive two-handed weapon in Path of Exile. Its original version could possibly sell for around

Credits have a fixed 1:1 exchange rate with US dollars (1 Credit = 1 USD)

We have decided to include the price for a mirrored copy on our list, as well as the price for the original, which is either estimated or provided by the original owner.

Legacy Shavronnes Wrappingsbefore Fall of Oriath and patch 3.0 it was one of the most in-demand end-game item in Path of Exile. It was a game changing item that allowed a lot of completely new type of builds possible. They were mainly based on high Energy Pool and Low life , which was usually caused by using additional Auras linked with the Blood Magic Support gem. For a very long time ES builds with Shavronnes Wrappings ruled the Leaderboards. It caused Chaos damage to not bypass Energy Shield, exactly like the Chaos Inoculation however without reducing your Life to 1. The initial version of Shavronnes Wrappings had an amazing 200-250% Increased Energy Shield, which was eventually reduced to 140-200% in patch 3.0, and then again to the current 100-150%. This changes made the legacy version of the item extremely valuable, and its price starts at around200 Exalted Orbs.

Credits are the medium of exchange on m

Loath Bane Ambusheris considered the 1 Physical Dagger in Path of Exile. It is an iconic and legendary item, being one of the first top tier daggers to be crafted, and possibly earning thousands of Exalted Orbs for his original owner. It became extremely popular during the reign of Spectral Throw/Low Life builds.

Price for mirrored copy:275 Exalted Orbs

Price for mirrored copy:190 Exalted Orbs

Top tier rare items are much more expensive than the best uniques. The main reason for that is because rares can be mirrored and sold with great profit. End-game rares have to be crafted which is an extremely long and expensive process(and highly dependant on luck). Crafting the items listed below cost an equivalent of hundreds of Exalted Orbs. Thousands of low-tier orbs, Exalted Orbs and Eternal Orbs spent are basically a long-term investment. The very top items created this way are worth thousands of Exalted Orbs, and selling mirrored copies can generate 1-200 Exalted Orbs profit each.

Victory Slicer Ambusheris apparently a slightly better phys. dagger, however its unknown who owns the original piece, and if it even exists. Because only several mirrored copies have been seen around, the dagger is basically impossible to get.

– another example of an expensive Talisman-type item. It provides great defensive implicit modifier, and unique energy shield buffs that benefit greatly some ES-based builds. Depending on the value of the global defense modifier, the price on this amulet ranges from

– extremely powerful two-handed weapon that can only drop from the Shaper – the final boss of the Atlas of Worlds expansion. It provides amazing damage, great Life bonus, and unique modifiers to physical damage, that allows it to shock enemies. Because of its rarity and amazing raw damage (this Sword can reach over 720 raw physical dps), the price for this sword starts at around

The Best and The Most Expensive Path of Exile Items

Eyes of the Greatwolf Talisman- talismans were introduced into Path of Exile with the Talisman League. This were unique corrupted amulet-slot items that carried completely new set of attributes. Eyes of the Greatwolf Talisman had two random implicit modifiers, which values were doubled. Depending on your luck this items price ranges from10 to several hundred Exalted Orbs.With several extremely powerful modifiers that include:

What makes unique items so special is usually carrying affixes that are exclusive only to them, and unavailable anywhere else. Unique items offer completely unique gameplay mechanics and allow certain alternative characters builds to be used. This does not necessarily make those items so expensive, but also the items rarity(market supply)and their highly demanded attributes are to be accounted for their price. In general uniques are not the as expensive as the best-rolled rareitems in Path of Exile. This however doesnt apply to the extremely hard to getLegacy versions of some of the items, and some perfectly rolled and properly corrupted items.

Credits have a fixed 1:1 exchange rate with US dollars (1 Credit = 1 USD)

Bramble Eyeis suppposingly the best physical dps ring in Path of Exile. It provides incredible dps boost, carrying 6 Tier 1 affixes.

– is a great talisam that boosts all available types of damage in PoE. It makes it extremely useful for several builds that utilize multiple damage types. The starting price for this Talisamn is around

Price for mirrored copy:265Exalted Orbs

for a copy, and the original price at around

. An area that can be accessed by putting Ancient Reliquary Key in the Map device. Ancient Reliquary Key was theLegacy leagues exclusive drop. Its current price on Standard is around 2.5 Exalted Orb

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Price for mirrored copy:235Exalted Orbs

(Jack in the Box, Mawr Blaidd, Time-Lost Relic)

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(which is nearly 4 times more than before the Patch).

We are looking forward for your suggestions regarding our listeditems. If you belive we have missed something important, or if you think some of those are not fit for this collation please let us know in the comments below.You can also join the discussion on ourFacebook fanpage.

Skyforthare the most expensive unique boots in Path of Exile. They provide the highest Power Charge generation rate, which makes them extremely useful for pretty much every Crit-based build. Their original price of 20 Exalted Orbs have gone down significantly since the 3.0 Expansion, mainly because of the implementation of the Pantheon. The Stun protection they provided can be currently replaced with the Brine Kings Major god power, hence making the boots currently worth around10 Exalted Orbs.

Gale Eyeis yet another example of extremely valuable ring. Its the best in slot item for pretty much any Hybrid (Life/Energy Shield) build.

Talismans are no longer regular drops in Path of Exile, but they can be still obtained by:

This boots can be easily obtained by casual players by chancing Sorcerer boots. It is actually one of the most cost-effective way to use the Orb (except for spending them directly on gear upgrades).

While no buyout price is set on the original piece, judging by the amount of people interested in this bow, it could possibly be over

– is one of the most popular two-handed axes in PoE. It has very high damage (up to around 612 physical dps) as well as adds 2 levels to socketed support gems, granting extremely high dps bonuses. Its the best in slot item for a lot of Physical builds, including Ancestral Warchief, Cyclone and Earthquake builds, as well as majority of 2Handed melee builds. It can be only dropped by Atziri in the Alluring Abyss, or gained when exchanging certaing Divination cards like: The Devastator, The Last one Standing, The Void. Its current price starts at around

Find it on maps with the Nemesis mod

Keep in mind, while most of the prices for mirrored copies are publicly available, and a lot of those items are offered on, the pricesfor the original copies are rough estimates. Majority of the listed items are not for sale, and never will be, since they create Path of Exiles history.

Other worth-mentioning valuable uniques

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The Best and The Most Expensive Path of Exile Items

Price for the original item: est.2500-3000 Exalted Orbs

Price for the original item: est.3500-5000 Exalted Orbs

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for the original item, while mirrored copies are sold for

is the best spell casters shield in Path of Exile. It carries 6 Tier 1 affixes, which sets its mirrored copies price at

Price for the original item: est.4000-4500 Exalted Orbs

Gale Baneis one of the highest dps 1hander in PoE, second only toCarrior Bane(found below). However the additional Chaos resistance makes it into the most expensive sword in the game.

We would like to give you two lists of the best and the most expensive items in Path of Exile. We have decided to make separate lists for bothunique and rare items. Even though both of them consist of very good and expensiveitems, the two item types have completely different uses and characteristics. The list is updated to the newest 3.0 Patch and Fall of Oriath.

Phoenix Slippers are one of the best boots. They are currently on Harbinger League, so its hard to estimate their real value – the demand on temporary Leagues for such items is much lower than on the Standard mode. They are still expected to cost around

Price for mirrored copy:260-280 Exalted Orbs

Victory Hideis the most expensive ES Body Armour in game. It gives the player nearly 1,000 Energy Shield, and has nearly perfectly rolled Tier 1 elemental resistances. Even after the recent nerfs to Energy Shield it still remains an item of a great value.

up to 40 for perfectly rolled ones.

Price for mirrored copy:325 Exalted Orbs

Price for the original item: est.3000-4000 Exalted Orbs

(The Doctor, The Fiend, Jack in the Box, Time-Lost Relic, The Valkyrie, The Wretched)

Price for the original item: est.3000-4000 Exalted Orbs

Foe Curtainmight not be the most expensive item in game, however it is supposingly the only 6x Tier 1 affixes Body Armour in Path of Exile.

Price for mirrored copy:180-220Exalted Orbs

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