Bot using Divination Distillate ?

One last change I did was make the regular Life/Mana flasks not return Unique flasks. This is so the bot wont use it under normal potting situations. This change wont be in the default Exile, but the other code will be left in for other people to get an idea of things they can do.

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Much love, if this dont work I can simply give you my flask for your test (Ambush)


Search for ShouldUseDivinationDistillate and that function contains the logic on when to use it. Youll set/add boss names there and change the X% (just read the code comments).

returntrue;So any unique monster when life is under 8% :

CreateFlaskLogic has the actual code for using the flask. Since it looks like the effects of that flask only last when the flask effects are active, you might have to do some testing and tweaking to make sure the values you set are actually triggered at a point when youll be able to gain the benefits of the flask.

Is there anyway to make the bot drink Divination Distillate once an unique specified boss/rogue have less than X% of life?

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