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By Kn- in forum Diablo 2 D2 Trading

Well I wont be posting all the other items I have(perhaps I will in the future) as I believe I have covered most if not all of my notables. Do take note that these are in Garena hardcore league, and over there owning these items makes me one of the richest, if not THE richest in the server. In terms of items at least. Yes, life is hard in garena hardcore ):

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By code9oo9 in forum Heroes of Newerth Hon Accounts

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Dont have that many left over just left with;

[SEA]Garena SG/MY Server LoL Account

Used to be a fan of racing but i only started during season 2. So Ill have all the rewards from season 2 onwards, such as the three Bereks Ring, Headhunter and about 50 or so demigods bounty, might be more. Im also the owner of the demigods bounty 1 templar, 1 scion, 1 shadow, 3 witch for race season 2 signature race. They should make pretty decent collectors items.

5-linked Shavvrones Wrappings, Mings Heart, Soul Taker, Divination Distillate, Romis banquet, thief torments(3),


Well thats it for now, interested buyers can send me a message here or send a text/whatsapp to me at +65 9837 2210, or email me at[emailprotected].

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By jovery in forum Path of Exile PoE Accounts

and a couple more of the lower priced orbs

By aurynnn in forum League of Legends LoL NA Accounts

Having a quitting sale due to other commitments and due to most of my friends leaving the game. Have pretty decent stuff for a hardcore based account. Willing to accept most payment methods(e.g. paypal, bank xfer), meetups for SG only, and trading for steam credit! Also accepting CS:GO skins as thats the game im mainly playing right now. Friendly and willing to negotiate. Wont be asking too much for my items but please make a decent offer.

Gaming Marketplace – Buy, sell or trade your accounts, items or services

lioneyes glare, lionseyes remorse, 5linked perfect marohi and many more. I do have a voltaxic rift,crown of eyes, rearguard and another distillate but theyre on beyond league.

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headhunter vaaled with increased duration, clean headhunter, Bringer of rain(2), alpha howls(6), 6linked carcass jack,


p.s i wont minding selling cheaper for CS:GO skins :


Well…i have too many to lists neatly here. Just contact me to find out if i have them, but chances are i wouldnt have the newer uniques( from the hegemony staff patch onwards).

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